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When They're Sixty-Four

Imaginary Future Beach House: Karen arrives on the porch, just as Marshall wins his hand. She complains about them playing Bridge yet again, and says, "Don't read a book or anything." Ted distracts her by pointing out the dolphins in the water, but she's probably long since lectured Lily on her diamonds, so what's a duchess to say? This one says, "They seem happy. I guess the chemical runoff from this elitist beachfront property hasn't rotted out their blowholes yet. It will. That water will kill you. It is a toxic deathtrap." Lily deadpans: "I'm going to take a dip." Marshall says he'll join her. Hee. And we flash back to...

Dowisetrepla; The Present: Lily explains that Karen failed the Front Porch Test. "She had to go." Ted can't believe Lily has done something like this to him, so Lily says, "Ted, think about how awesome you, me, and Marshall are. Seriously. Think about it." He pauses and the camera zooms out to reveal...

TV Show Within Our TV Show: Robin's hosting a cooking segment. The chef reaches across the stovetop and his sleeve catches fire. He waves it around, which only serves to fan the flames. Robin rushes out of view then runs back in with a fire extinguisher and saves the day! She must be thrilled her friends are watching her.

Robin's friends never watch her. They're still analyzing Lily's machinations. Ted's in agreement with Lily that they're an awesome threesome, so she explains that whoever he marries has to be able to get over the "high bar" required for entry to Team Awesome (does this make anyone else think of Chuck?). Lily doesn't try to pretend she did the right thing, and Marshall sticks up for her, noting that Ted is better off without Karen. Barney says, "And if Clarence the angel says it's true, it must be true." (Whee! You can judge for yourself, here at about the 1:40 mark.) Barney wants five reasons why Marshall would wear "something like that," so Marshall gives him a list: "One: No need to wear anything underneath." Ted vouches for that, and asks Marshall to please cross his legs. Marshall obliges and continues. "Two: Sexy." Lily vouches for that and asks Marshall to uncross his legs. Marshall obliges again, with a "Hmmm," and an adorkable hand flourish. "Three: My Grandpa Olaf wore one and he lived to be 107. Four: No elastic waistband leaving its judgmental pink teeth marks around my Thanksgiving belly. And five: Every night when I go to sleep, it's the freest, most wonderful feeling in the world. I feel... like I'm flying." Cut to...

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