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When They're Sixty-Four

Marshall's Dreams: In an homage to The Big Lebowski that I only got thanks to the posters in the episode thread (and a link I found easily, only because Alan Sepinwall found it first), Marshall soars over the city a la The Dude as Bob Dylan plays in the background.

Back in the real world, Marshall gloats that every night, he goes to bed, "happy, weightless -- with a heart full of joy," and asks Barney how his nights measure up. Glumly, he admits to having to lie perfectly still so he doesn't wrinkle his "suit-jamas." He waits a moment, then cracks, "But at least I'm not wearing a dress." Lily ignores this -- and Robin's TV show -- and asks Ted how mad he is. He tries to be way more understanding than I would, even though I'm firmly on Lily's side that Karen had to go. Openly undermining a friend's toxic relationship is risky and isn't pretty, but secretly manipulating one to hasten its demise is nothing short of betrayal. It's a testament to Ted's character and to the bonds between Lily, Ted and Marshall that he's even trying to understand, but Ted goes further, and allows that it all may have been for the best.

TV Show Within Our TV Show: The older man who accompanied Robin at the top is now giving the weather report. He clutches his chest as if in pain, and collapses, ripping the green screen on his way to the floor. Robin rushes to him, drops to her knees and administers CPR. What a sight for her friends to see.

Robin's friends don't see. Lily tells Ted, "I really am sorry. I hated doing that again, but Karen had to go." Ted latches on to the word "again" and gets Lily to admit that she's manipulated breakups between him and no less than six girls. In their sophomore year, Lily realized that Ted's latest -- Angie -- was only using him to get back at her ex, so she planted a Creed CD in a napping Angie's dorm room, realizing that pretentious, college-aged Ted would dump her over her musical taste. Of course the CD was Marshall's, which makes it even funnier. And it's funnier still to me, because I misheard "Creed" as "Creedence" and momentarily thought pretentious, college-aged Ted was a way bigger...duke than I'd previously imagined, and was ready to rant about how all his taste lives in his mouth. Ahem. Lily also confesses to breaking up Ted and "that weird sci-fi girl who wanted him to propose after two months." In the flashback, Ted's dressed as Luke Skywalker (complete with cheesy wig), standing in line with someone in a Chewy costume. They're in front of an Episode II poster when a slight, short, feminine-shaped Darth Vader comes up and dumps Ted, and leaves him with a "Live long and prosper," which is totally Star Trek, right? Of course, wee Darth Vader isn't Sci-Fi Girl, she's Lily, but Ted doesn't realize that, and seemingly, neither does Marshall (which is odd). He removes the Chewy mask before letting out a Chewy-growl. I'd rag on them for the timing of that, but I'd much rather join Mindy Monez in ragging on the Sci-Fi channel for changing its name to SyFy, because, SyFy? Are you kidding me? Ted is gobsmacked by the levels to which Lily has stooped, but she defends her actions by informing him that he's a "commitment junkie."

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