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When They're Sixty-Four

TV Show Within Our TV Show: Robin interviews a visibly pregnant woman (who is NOT, despite what chat in the forums might indicate, played by Alyson Hannigan). The woman-not-played-by-Aly appears distressed and starts Lamaze-type breathing.

Ted reminds Lily that one of those women could have been the mother of his children. Lily says she never interfered if there was even a chance that the girl was the one, "like with Victoria or Stella." Ted adds, "Or Robin." Lily raises her eyebrows. Ted lowers his voice. "Or Robin?" Lily makes like she's trying to recall the name. Ted sits forward. "Did you break us up, too?!"

TV Show Within Our TV Show: When her guest falls to the floor, writhing in pain, Robin rises to her feet.

In a beautiful parody of A Few Good Men (which I caught without help from the forums, but I still nicked the video link from Sepinwall), Lily lays it out for Ted. "Stop talking to me like I'm your enemy! You weep for these women, but you have the luxury of not knowing what I know: that those breakups, while tragic, probably saved you from a crappy and very expensive first marriage."

TV Show Within Our TV Show: Robin is now on her knees, between the laboring woman's legs. No one helps.

Ted restates his question about Robin. Lily doesn't back down. "You don't want the truth, because deep down, you want me out there watching out for you. And deep down, you know that none of those women were ever gonna be the mother of your children." Again Ted asks if Lily broke up him and Robin. Lily says, "I did what I had to do." Ted screams his question at her, one last time. Lily finally yells back, "You're damned right I did!"

TV Show Within Our TV Show: Robin delivers the baby. She cries as she cradles its naked form in her hands.

Barney comes back into the Dowisetrepla living room in a nightshirt, praising Grandpa Olaf's wisdom. Ted turns toward him in disbelief.

TV Show Within Our TV Show: A tearful, joyous Robin holds the baby up for the camera. (Good thing they don't come wearing socks. I'm just saying.)

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