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Are you ready for the finale of season 4? Whether it was Stella; the real-life pregnancies of the two female leads; more stand-alone episodes; or the premise itself, this season seemed to polarize fans. And yet, the show has racked up good ratings this year and CBS announced today that they're moving it to the 8:00 pm lead-off spot next season, so it must be doing something right. All I know is that I've been watching so long, I feel like Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney are my friends, and I'm invested in their story. So without further ado, let's get to it.

Saget!Ted opens the show, explaining that every architect can point to one career-changing design. Sadly, for Ted, it was the Stetson-shaped Rib Town restaurant, introduced last week. At MacLaren's, Ted complains about it to his friends, but admits customers aren't knocking down his door. Robin reminds him of the teaching opportunity Tony presented him, but Ted sees that as a crappy, dead-end choice, then remembers himself, and apologizes to kindergarten teacher Lily. She's cool with denigrating her profession since she got peed on three times this week. Heh. Ted decides to take a three-day hiatus from hanging with his friends, so he can nail the Rib Town design, but he gets nowhere in that time. Finally, Barney comes to see Ted, asking, "What do you think of Robin?" When Ted doesn't have time to chat, Barney changes his approached and jumps into this long analogy about shopping for a double-breasted Canadian suit with Ted, and finding himself really liking a suit Ted already tried on. Ted gets it. He looks up with a big smile. "Buy the 'suit', Barney. You clearly care about 'it'. Tell 'the suit' how you feel." He pats Barney on the shoulder and gets back to work. Barney says, "Okay, but Ted, remember that was your answer because... the suit is Robin." Ted's face says Um, yeah, I already got that, but Barney continues as if it's a big surprise. For all of his work stress, Ted seems magnanimous and smiles again sweetly, saying, "I'm with you, buddy." Barney unnecessarily presses the point. "You are now, because I explained it to you," and moves in to hug Ted, who tries to shy away and we cut to the...

Theme Song!

Since it's Ted's 31st birthday, Marshall tries to tempt him up to the roof for a birthday beer, but Ted's still working, and his presentation is the next day. When he continues to push the issue, Ted asks if he's throwing him another surprise party. Marshall laughs (too hard) at this idea -- and continues to laugh until he's back on the roof, at his Ted-less surprise party for Ted. When Robin gives Marshall grief about throwing Ted a surprise party two years in a row, Marshall bitterly agrees with her, puts down his beer, and heads to the edge of the roof. Lily says, "Oh Marshall, no!" but not quite as urgently as I'd expect considering it looks like her husband is going to kill himself. Marshall screams at her. "LILY, I HAVE TO DO THIS!" He turns to look at her and their friends -- his voice tearful. "I can't put it off any longer."

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