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Three cheers to the camera crew this week. They had some tricky shots to keep the show street legal, and handled it with aplomb. I'm also putting my hands together for Josh, because he rocked Ted tonight, like a naked man would. And where would we be without Neil Patrick Harris's gene pool and personal trainer, and Barney's blog, which has been updated with the history of "The Naked Man." It's hiatus time, so next week's a re-run of "The Bracket." Thanks, you all. Hope you have a lovely, slap-free Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) and a lovely Thursday if you don't.

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Were there any other Vicky/Victorias on this show? It seems like there have been more than two. If you know of another, drop me a line at CynthiaMcLennan[at] Happy Holidays. I'll catch you in 2009.

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