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45. The condoms are about to expire. [Barney]
46. It's getting a little hard. [Lily's commenting on the difficulty of making the list, but it gets turned into a list item courtesy of Barney]
47. Miscommunication. (i.e. Reaching for a Cheeto in a guy's lap, and he thinks you're making a move, so you just go with it.) [Lily]

Marshall: "Thanks for ruining the memory of our 6-month anniversary." Lily: "You got me Cheetos." The whole conversation is making Marshall sad [And the way he says it? Adorable. - Zach], but Lily protests that she's having fun. "Man, this whole one-partner thing sucks sometimes." Reason 48, or just a slam at her husband? "I'm always talking about you. I can't play 'I Never...' because then everyone would know all the weird stuff I let you do to me." Marshall is incensed. "The only weird thing I ever did to you was open up my heart and soul to you, when all I had to do was strip naked while you were out of the room." Robin again denies she slept with Mitch because he was naked, but pushes it too far when she claims he might be the one. Barney thinks Mitch is a genius. He resolves to do the Naked Man tonight. So... subtext, or meta, I guess. He commands Ted to do likewise with "elevator girl." Every time Ted gives a rational, well-thought-out reason for not using the Naked Man approach, Barney intones, "Naked Man!" Then Robin notices Ted is wearing makeup, which he describes as a tinted sunscreen. I have that too, Ted. You know where I keep it? In my makeup bag. His friends squint as they look at him. He blathers on about it being for men, then adds, "Sue me. I want my eyes to pop." Someone's been watching Carmindy. Barney continues to try and talk Ted into "suiting down" for his upcoming date with Vicky. He picks up a girl at MacLaren's so he can try out the Naked Man plan on her while Ted tries it on Vicky, but Ted doesn't want to mess things up. As soon as Barney moves in on the girl at the bar, Super Canadian calls Naked Man to set up another date, just to prove to her friends that she's neither a dupe nor a slut.

[Okay, now I really have to say something. When Barney called it "suiting down," I finally realized why this is all so familiar. Barney tried this on Robin himself, back in Season 1, Episode 16, "Zip, Zip, Zip." They were out being bros, they went back to Robin's apartment to "play Battleship," and when Robin was out of the room, Barney "birthday suited up," which is pretty much the Naked Man, except he thought she was doing the same thing. This is still a great episode, but I would have liked a nod to that. - Zach]

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