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Sideways slide to a restaurant called Capriccio. Robin is having her "I'm Not A Slut" follow-up date with Naked Man, whom we will now call Mitch, because he is clothed. She tries to engage him in conversation, but he just nods and eats a roll. Switching tracks, she says, "So, what is it like managing a C.P.K.? I mean whose idea was it to put a pineapple in the..." Mitch cuts her off. "I know what this is. I've been on this date before. This is the 'I'm Not A Slut' date." Robin scoffs and tells him he's reading her all wrong. And you've got to kind of love Formerly Naked Man, because he shoots from the hip (heaven help me). "Come on, Robin. One of us had a good time last night, and we both know it was me." Robin says, "Mitchell... Something! That is just not true!" Mitch calls her bluff and asks her how the sex was. She cheerfully offers that she didn't hate it. Mitch tells her, "You've seen my move. That's it. I have nothing else to offer you. I'm broke, I sweat when I eat, and I'm in like five different fantasy football leagues. It's all I talk about. Trust me, you don't want to be around that." Robin argues that she does, and comes right out and says she didn't sleep with him because he was naked, but Mitch says, "Yeah, you did. And now you're trying to pretend it was something more to make yourself feel better. Say what you will. At least 'The Naked Man' is honest."

Cut back to Ted at Vicky's. He's trying out the "Coppertone Baby" pose. Barney does the "Olympic Gymnast Who Stuck the Landing", and my word, NPH can't be wearing much more than a sock. They end the call, and Ted calls out to Vicky that she has a nice place. From the other room, she shouts back that she's impressed that he's an architect. "It's so fascinating. I could listen to you talk about structural design all night." His face softens as Saget!Ted narrates it was then that he noticed a book of Pablo Neruda love poems on Vicky's coffee table, and his favorite, ""Desnuda"" is bookmarked. He worries that he was all wrong about Vicky and hustles to get back into his clothes before she catches him.

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