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There's No "I" In Team And No "U" in Poo

Fantasy Nantz Interview: Nantz calls Barney's Night 1 "routine." Barney corrects him that nothing is routine about how he "gets down." And we're off to

MacLaren's; Night Two: Barney calls his shot again, predicting that the hottie at the bar is about to chase her Black Russian with a white American. He raises his arms and waits for victory high fives that don't come. As he leaves the gang he points his finger at them. "You know, if you're not careful, you're going to lose me." Lily crosses her fingers as he walks off toward his next conquest. Harsh. Once he's gone, Robin frets about what she should say once Dorky Dale calls her for a second date. When Marshall asks how she knows he's going to call, Robin takes on that whole conceited persona she's been wearing a lot this season. Cobie's got great timing and delivery, but if the writers keep this up, they're going to make Robin unlikeable -- which, to me, is a shame. When she's done, Ted cautions her to let the dork down easy. "People are fragile." He gazes intently at his drink. "You know, sometimes without meaning to, you might rip someone's beating heart out and stomp on it in a room full of 26 people and a teacher's assistant." 'Cause heaven knows some T.A.'s aren't human. Anyhow, at first, I try to figure out when Robin ever did that to Ted, but then I realize it's the set-up for his weekly tale of woe. He recounts his first day of teaching Architecture 202 as we flash back to...

Ted's Classroom: Ted's calling the roll, but pauses as he nears the end, puts down his pen, and smiles at his student. He congratulates them on adding a fake-name to the sign-up sheet, but then belittles them for being -- if not mature -- unimaginative. "I mean seriously, what kind of a name is 'Cook Pu'?" A soft-spoke Asian woman (Hong Chau) pipes up from the back of the room: "Here." Ted can't hear it. He's too far gone into douche mode. "Come on, guys. It's got to at least sound real. Cook Pu?!?" Cook raises her voice. "Here." Ted doesn't notice. "What happened to the classics, right? Seymour Butts. Hugh Gerection. Those were fake names, but Cook Pu?" Cook closes her eyes in humiliation. Her voice rises at least an octave. "Here!" Ted's on a roll. "Cook Pu?!" Cook rises from her seat. The boy next to her gestures with his thumb. "She's back here, bro." Speechless, Ted's eyes widen in horror as Cook flees from the humiliation chamber that is Ted Mosby's classroom.

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