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There's No "I" In Team And No "U" in Poo

MacLaren's; Night Four: Ted feels badly that Cook didn't show up for his class that day. Marshall makes Ted say her full name for clarification purposes. Robin, Marshall and Lily giggle about "Cook Pu" until Robin's phone rings. She "knows" it's Dale until she looks at the caller ID. "Oh, it's my mom. She's going through some pretty major league health stuff." Does she freak? No. Does anyone pay it any mind? Nope. She switches of the ringer, lays the phone on the table and crosses her arms defensively. "God, why won't that guy call." Likable, writers. Likable. Please. These characters have to be basically likable or nobody's going to want them in their living rooms. Lily asks Robin if she wants Dale to call. Robin tells her to shut up and asks if she doesn't have a toothbrush to share. Ted asks when they started that habit, anyhow. Marshall points out that he should know; they all lived together for eight years. And it comes out that Ted was mistaken in his belief that he was the only person who kept his toothbrush in the bathroom. There was only one toothbrush in the whole apartment, it was stored in the bathroom, and all three of them were sharing it. Yeah. Ted starts wiping out his mouth with his napkin. Lily and Marshall are just as grossed out. Personally, I'd swish around a shot of MacLaren's strongest spirit, no matter how much time has passed. Everyone gets grossed out. Robin loves this so much she's about to burst, but everyone else wants to die. Meanwhile, Barney walks out with Number 4.

Fantasy Nantz Interview: Nantz says to Barney, "So you're through four nights -- over the hump." Barney compliments him on the pun, and they bump fists, but Nantz demurs, "Hey, I try, but I'm no you." He then sets the scene for the night the trouble started.

MacLaren's; Night Five: Barney's at the bar. At the booth, Marshall asks Ted how Barney's doing; a big merger fell through at GNB and Barney's being blamed for it. Marshall thinks he's going to get fired. Over at the bar, though, Barney looks so unconcerned that he doesn't even blink when we go to commercial! After the break, Marshall says they're having a meeting on Friday to determine whether or not he keeps his job. Lily wants to go talk to him, but the guys don't want her to ruin his p*rf*ct w**k. Ted says he'll go. "He needs a bro." When he approaches Barney, Barney admits he is in need of some help. "Which one of these girls looks the dumbest?" Ted leans back. "Let's check the scouting report." He nods his head toward the wall to our right. "What about the heater?" (A woman warms her hands over MacLaren's radiator.) Barney shakes him off. Next, he nods towards the window. "How about high and outside?" (A pretty woman in dreads is barely visible through the window and the cloud of smoke that surrounds her. She exhales as she laughs.) Barney shakes him off, again. Ted: "All right, I'd go with the slider." Cut to a woman eating bar cheeseburgers. Barney smiles and nods. "Thanks, Skip." When he starts toward the woman, Ted swats him encouragingly on the ass, and strolls back to the booth. This sight gag is one of my two favorite moments in this episode. For the whole scene, Barney and Ted ape the posture of pitcher and coach or pitcher and catcher in conference on the mound.

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