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There's No "I" In Team And No "U" in Poo

As Barney's mark eyes Swisher appreciatively, Ted figures the fat lady has sung. Robin doesn't get it. Marshall and Ted explain that no guy in the city can go up against a Yankee -- even a retired Yankee can ruin another New York guy's game. Ted got "rack jacked" by Phil Rizzuto, right after he moved to town. Robin can't relate, so Lily says "Let me try to Canada that up for you, eh?" And puts it in terms she can understand: hockey and the Canucks (Lily says "Ca-chucks"). Robin says, "Lily, if one of the Vancouver Canucks walked in here? My panties would drop so hard there would be a hole in the floor, halfway to China." Ted translates: "That's what it's like with the Yankees." Robin grows quiet. "Oh... Barney's screwed."

Up at the bar, Barney knows his perfect week is slipping out of his grasp. He panics and yells in his target's ear, "Hey, wanna come over and look at my snow globe connection." Back at the booth, Ted whispers, "He's throwing junk out there." When the girl looks over to the corner round booth and says, "That is Nick Swisher," Barney heads back toward the gang. They all "aw," him, clap and say, "good game." Barney can't believe what a waste the week has been as he laments the perfection that slipped through his fingers. Burying his head in his hands, he says, "And tomorrow, I'm going to get fired." Marshall tells Barney that the week wasn't a waste. The rest of them had a crappy week, and Barney's quest kept them going. Ted tells Barney about the first student to drop his class. Robin mourns the fact that her "soul mate" hasn't called her back. She hastily adds, "...I mean yet. He will. He will!" Marshall explains that he and Lily lost a potential friend-couple because they share a toothbrush. This brings Barney out of it for a moment. He cringes. "You share a toothbrush?!" Robin says, "Well them, and Ted." Barney says, "Wha--?" Ted: "Wait a second. When we were dating, you borrowed that toothbrush all the time." Robin's face falls. "Oh my God." At this point, I just hope the toothbrush got switched out a few times a year. Saget!Ted takes the narration reins back from Barney and explains that that's when Lily came to understand how sports can take your mind off your troubles, even for a moment, and that all of them needed that perfect week.

Lily leaps up, and we watch as she runs (in slow-mo) across the bar, to block the path between Barney's Maybe Seven and Nick Swisher. Marshall does the play-by-play. "Aldrin's got a bead on her. She's running out of room. She dives and..." Thud. Lily hits the ground at Maybe Seven's feet. Maybe Seven helps Lily to a chair and, anxious to keep her occupied, Lily asks Maybe to get her some ice for her twisted ankle. Maybe turns to do so, and we cut back to the booth. Marshall's so proud of Lily. "She did it! I guess there is no such thing as a jinx." He, Ted and Robin gasp. Robin throws her hands up in the air. And back at...

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