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The Platinum Rule

Present Day. Robin is annoyed that Barney's been acting like the expert over relationship fallout when he hasn't experienced it at all. "Yet," Barney says. Robin calls him an idiot. Ted is taking off. Barney messes up his hair again. Barney lists the 8 steps again. He thinks it's going to happen to Ted. Ted wails that he's tired of all the rules. The Lemon Law, the Crazy/Hot Scale, the Platinum Rule. He says that if everyone followed Barney's rules, the human race would cease to exist. Ted makes an impassioned speech that he may not end up with this girl forever, but he's going to give it a shot. Ted notices in the mirror that Barney made his hair look awesome. He takes off.

SagetTed says that the date turned out not to be a date. We go to "three hours later." Ted tells the gang, who are still camped out in his apartment, that Stella thought it was just a friend-date, not a real date. She can't date Ted because she's a doctor and he's her patient. Legally, she can't. Ted gets on the couch to watch TV with everyone. SagetTed says that this was the end of the story with Stella, at least for now. "Ooh Child," by The Five Stairsteps starts to play (did this just become Everybody Hates Chris?) as SagetTed explains Step 9, which he says is "Coexistence." He says it's easier to let go of the anger and just get along. Well ain't that special! Montage of friendly scenes. Robin and Curt are doing the news together and they're friendly again. Lily and Marshall see the neighbors in the hall and they have a nice little conversation. The neighbors have invited friends over for Charades. At the bar, Wendy has brought Barney a free drink. Barney tosses it over his shoulder and goes, "Cuckooooo!"

Sorry, no episode tag this week. Happy holidays anyway!

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