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Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Green Card

Barney calls Robin's attention to a letter from the U.S. Department of Immigration that somehow got mixed in with her fan mail. Robin reads it and discovers it's about her work visa. She must find a new job in seven days, or she'll be deported back to Canada. And to put the situation in our sitcom, that letter was postmarked two months ago. Barney's sitting further back from everyone, in a chair near the fireplace. He says, "I can't believe you might be kicked out of the country." Robin paces. She can't believe this is happening, either; her whole life is here. Ted says one of them will help her find a job. Lily bets she can find Robin something at her school. Personally, I think everyone should get a job at Goliath National Bank. At least then I could pretend that "people" I "know" are benefiting from the bail-out. Marshall's face and voice are grim as he LAWYERS their ideas. "No, guys, it doesn't work. Robin only gets her work visa if she gets a job in her field." As Robin walks over to take the letter from Marshall, he adds, "You know what, I guess you could stay if you married a U.S. citizen." Barney rises, as Robin's back is to him, and her face is buried in the letter. CUTE! Marshall says, "Yeah, that could work." Barney goes down on one knee, clasps his hands together, and looks as if he's about to speak. CUTE! Marshall says, "Oh, no. They could never process that and make it official in time. That won't work." Shut up, Marshall, you're interrupting the cute, and a green card seems more stable to me than a work visa. Sure enough, Barney rises from the floor and returns to his chair. Aww.

Robin's been sending out her audition reel for three months, but she's not getting anything. Ted suggests maybe her reel is to blame, and pops it in the DVD player. Robin tells them the first clip is from when Robin was a Cub Reporter for Channel 22 in Red Deer. When the gang looks at her with blank faces, she adds, "In Alberta." It still doesn't register, so she snips, "In Canada." Altogether they say, "O! Canada." We jump to Robin's clip. She's reporting outside in the middle of a snowstorm, about (or "aboat") the fishermen who, despite the blizzard, are "still happy to be oat competing in Lake Athabasca's Bass Fishing Jamboree -- an August 1st tradition." Hee. The gang is horrified that Robin has this on her reel, but she defends the inclusion of the clip, because it shows where she came from. Marshall sticks up for her. "I get it. Where you're from is part of who you're selling. For instance, under "special skills" on my résumé, I mention that back in Minnesota, I was the 1995 Nicollet County Slam Dunk Champion." Ted scoffs at Marshall for including that, but Marshall says, "Yeah, why wouldn't you? A lot of companies have basketball teams. It's good for them to know that Vanilla Thunder can still take the rock to the hole." When did basketball talk get dirty? I thought it was just me when Veronica Mars used the term "awesome ball-er," but now I'm thinking twice.

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