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Ted points out that Marshall can no longer dunk. Marshall disputes this. "Of course I can. Well, I mean I could... until... until recently." Lily adds, "Until the injury," and we flash back to Lily and Marshall at his doctor's office. Dr. Goodman gives them the diagnosis: iliopsoas tendonitis. Lily alarmed by this serious sounding term, until the doctor explains it's more commonly known as "Dancer's Hip" and Lily and the doc both dissolve into giggle fits, much to Marshall's annoyance. CUTE! We flash forward to the apartment, where Lily is trying to stifle a grin as Marshall tells his friends about iliopsoas tendonitis and blames it on a basketball injury. She can't do it, and blurts out, "Dancer's hip. Marshall has something called dancer's hip!" Marshall explains that it's only called that because it's an injury common to ballet dancers and then realizes what he's said. Robin's the first aboard the mockery bandwagon, asking Marshall if any of the other little girls in his class have Dancer's Hip. Ted's right behind her, asking Marshall if it's easier to dance without external genitalia. Lily says, "Guys, come on. Marshall didn't get this injury from dancing..." Her husband thanks her, perhaps a tad too early. "Clearly, the stirrups were set a little too wide during his last trip to the gyno."

Incredibly enough, Barney's the one to put an end to the teasing (of course he does this while saying they might make Marshall cry). He changes the subject; tells Robin that what she needs is a video résumé, and pops open his laptop to show her his (that's laptop computer and his video résumé, you filthy minded beggars). It's posted at, because the creators spoil us rotten. If you click the "click here" button, you'll get a pop-up asking whether you'd prefer to "view it in awesome resolution" or to "view it in not as awesome resolution." So far, I can't get either to load. I understand from the forums that the site's been getting slammed. Now for the uninitiated, Barney's video is a parody of "Impossible Is Nothing," the real-life video résumé of Aleksey Vayner that went viral back in 2006. Watch it here, and see (thanks to Entchen in the forums for the veoh link).

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