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Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Green Card

Lily, Marshall and Ted can't believe Barney when he claims the video got him eleven job offers, but Robin's ready to try anything, so she asks Barney to make one for her. He's excited she's bought into his idea (and of course thrilled to have an excuse to spend time with her), and she's so desperate to avoid deportation that she ignores the rest of the gang, who think it's an "insane-u-lous" use of time. Barney says, "Okay, we better get started. There's a lot to shoot. I don't think I can't use any of the footage I already have of you." When Robin wants to know what footage he already has, Barney blanches, scratches his head, and makes for the door, saying, "Let's just get started." Robin, if you want to sleep nights, don't ask that question again, sister.

We sideways slide to MacLaren's, where Lily asks Marshall if he's still upset about the Dancer's Hip jokes. She reassures him they were all just kidding and know it's just a basketball injury. Marshall accepts this, and then in a low, soft voice confesses that there's something he has to tell her. "I dance more than you know." CUTE! Lily doesn't know how to respond to that, and we jump to...

...Barney's place: He's got a green screen set up behind Robin and his camera trained on her -- with her knowledge and consent, even. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Robin at first gives reasonable, well thought-out answers to Barney's off-screen questions. Of course that will never do, so he has her spout a bunch of corporate-ese and business buzz, encouraging her to make up words: Connectitude. Transformatation. Linkativity. Barney stops her there, because that last one's his. And we jump to...

...MacLaren's: Lily tries to find out how much dancing Marshall's talking about, but she's not satisfied with his answer of "medium." She demands to know more. "Why are you dancing so much, and why don't I know about it?" Marshall tries to explain. "It's something I do when I'm alone. Like if something good happens, I get excited and I need to move, and I just... I don't know. I don't want to even talk about this anymore." Lily says, "So that's how you injured your hip?" and Marshall makes a, "I hate to admit it but yes," face, and we flash back to the Halls of Goliath National Bank. Marshall, upon learning the whole office is being sent home at 2:00 PM and dances into his office (over ballet music; Tchaikovsky, maybe; I don't know -- I just finished last week's Lost recap so I don't have any brain power left). CUTE! He closes his door (tease!) and we hear a thud and his howl of pain as we jump to...

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