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Barney's place: Robin walks back into the living room-turned-studio, wearing a karate gi and headband. She complains the costumes are ridiculous. She should blame Aleksey Vayner, because he did it first. She rubs her shoulder as she says, "The Amazon Warrior Princess armor gave me a rash," and Barney admits she isn't the first "lady" to have worn that at his place. Now he has her in the gi because (it's CUTE! and it hides Cobie's baby bump pretty well) he wants to convey her power, and he plans on doing this by having her break a waist-high stack of bricks. With her head. Ambitious! Aleksey Vayner only broke a knee-high stack, and he got to use his hands. Darned Ivy Leaguers and their silver spoons. When she complains that she can't break 15 bricks with her forehead, Barney says, "Robin, it's not 1950, anymore. Yes, you can." Robin declares she's out of there because none of this is going to help her get a job -- she's going to get kicked out of the country. She sighs and says she knows what she has to do, and we jump to...

...The Place Where Broadcast Careers Go To Die. Over a shot of the New York Lotto headquarters, Saget!Ted narrates that Robin had reached a low point in her career -- auditioning for the Lottery Girl gig. She gives it her best shot, but the producers (a Suit and a Hipster Doofus, who are hysterically bitchy) find something wrong with every take. And they're fantastic, so I'll transcribe.

ROBIN: And tonight's Lotto numbers are...
HIPSTER DOOFUS: Hold it. Say the line before you press the button.
SUIT (whispering to the HD): It builds the suspense.
H.D.: It builds the suspense.

ROBIN: And tonight's Lotto numbers are...seventeen...
SUIT (whispering to the HD): Stop her.
HD: Hold it.
SUIT (whispering to the H.D.): Why did she say it like that? It's like she's not even happy about the 17 coming up. She seems mean.
HD (to Suit): Yeah, she seems super-mean.

HD (to Robin): Can you take another run at "17" for us?
ROBIN: Seventeen.
SUIT (whispering to the H.D.): I don't even understand what she's doing.
HD (to Suit): Let me try something.
HD (to Robin): Try being a little more wry.
ROBIN: Wry? About the number 17?
HD: Wry, with a little bit of a...
SUIT (whispering to the H.D.): Twinkle.

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