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Ain't Nothin' Goin' On But The Green Card

While everyone else rejoices, Robin looks at Barney with gratitude and affection, and asks him how he managed to pull it all off. Barney smiles. "I am Master of the Possimpible." She says, "You really are. Thank you," then embraces him again. Barney holds her close and pats her hair, as he drinks in the moment. Saget!Ted narrates: "So, thanks to your Uncle Barney, we got to keep your Aunt Robin." CUTE! "And the rest of us decided it was time to let some things go." We see Ted removing his radio job from his résumé, and Marshall removing "slam dunk champion" from his. But not our Lily, oh no. We jump to MacLaren's, where Lily is shoving hotdogs down her throat faster than...I'm not going to finish that sentence. Marshall holds a stop-watch, while the whole bar crowds around the table. Marshall calls time and asks, "What's the count?" Ted yells out, "Thirty-three!" and the fans go wild. Both those in the bar, and those at home, because we get another, completely gratuitous shot of Alyson Hannigan's baby bump. STILL CUTE! She and Marshall hug, and when they part, he cups his hands to her belly and makes a WHOA face. We jump to Dowistrepla, where Lily updates her résumé, too -- she removes the "29 hotdogs in 8 minutes" and replaces it with to "33 hotdogs in 8 minutes." CUTE! She smiles and we fade to black.

End tag: What will it be? A shot of Marshall dancing? [Link snagged from Sepinwall's blog.] No and boo. Robin's video résumé? No and poo. Instead, it's a shot of the Mysterious Dr. X, on a Monday at midnight in 1998, standing outside Wesleyan's McConaughey Dining Hall, picketing the "racist meal plan." All alone. He lowers his picket sign ("Meal Plan = Racism"), takes off his ski mask (which has a big duct-tape X across the face), puts his "spectacles" back on, and whines, "Why is no one coming to my happenings?" He scuffs off, kicking at something that isn't even there and... eh, kinda cute, but man, I was expecting something way better. All the cuteness had me ready to give this episode a straight A (even though it maybe deserved less; I am easily swayed by cuteness, and hooboy I almost made one heck of a typo, there), but now I'm feeling a wee bit deflated, and bitter. Well, that part's a lie. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing pompous and pretentious college-aged Ted get the hot air let out of his ego balloon. And his crazy college hairdo always cracks me up, but still. I'm going to have to hope CBS buys this domain name from whomever was smart enough to snag the URL, or wait in hope for a good extra on the season 4 DVDs. Still, it was a really cute episode in all. I love when the gang is working toward a common goal. Their friendship is what keeps me watching (well, that and Barney...okay and Robin/Barney. Okay and Lily/Marshall...and even just plain old Marshall, now that Jason Segal's got normal hair again. All right, and I admit it, even Ted. And I'm curious about who will be the mother. And I like the flashback style, and when the show sets up websites, and seeing Alyson Hannigan's baby bump...and I. Oh Show, I just love you.)

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