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The Pre-Nup

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Before He Cheats

This episode was annoying and nearly completely useless, save for the fact that it explained how/why Barney and Quinn split up. The rest of the was filled with the guys complaining about the girls, the girls complaining about the guys and everyone giving too much information about their sexual proclivities.

After hearing tales of woe from a co-worker (Bob Odenkirk) about a bitchy ex-wife who took a dog, Barney decides he needs to craft a pre-nuptial agreement for Quinn to sign. Its about two feet high, but he claims its standard. Filled with things you'd expect from Barney: extra wives, daily sex acts, penalties for gaining weight, required plastic surgery and the like.

Quinn gets one look at it and goes to vent to Lily and Robin… instead of her stripper friends? She talks about what Barney expects from her and how she's pissed off. Barney, meanwhile, is upset that Quinn demanded to read it, and didn't want weekly visitations of her lady bits when they inevitably get divorced.

The women, including Victoria, decide to retaliate, and storm Barney's place of work with a pre-nup of their own creation. Soon all the men and women are screaming at each other (AT BARNEY'S JOB), but his lawyer pal is able to mediate the situation, for everyone but Barney and Quinn. The unlikely couple realize that the have severe trust issues (we could have told them that last season), and that if they can't get married without a person-sized stack of paperwork, then they probably shouldn't get married at all. Well, at least someone figured that out before the actually day of the wedding.

In the TMI category, we learn that Lily's ladybits are called "Snap, crackle and pop" and that she likes her boobs to be squished a lot. Ted is a good guy and is happy to let Victoria's ditched and depressed fiancé Klaus live in his apartment with him, until Klaus brings in his family of ferrets, wanders the house naked and interrupts Ted's alone time with Victoria. And Robin and her hot new boy toy Nick are already having trouble in the bedroom, because she likes to watch herself on TV during sex. Told you it was TMI. At the very least the show didn't pretend that Ted was telling this particular story to his children.

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