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Ted pleads Lily and Marshall's case. They were probably just excited because they've been waiting for couple best-friends for so very long. He says they couldn't have been all that bad. Robin looks at Barney. "Show him." Barney grabs Ted's Mac and shows him the website Marshall already made about their double date (last night). "It's called," There, you'll find stills from the double date, surrounding a video of Jason Segel and Extreme's Nuno Bettencourt pulling off a lovely visual parody of Extreme's "More Than Words" vid (and blame Zach Oat for me being so precise about this). [Sorry. Angel and I take Extreme "extremely" seriously. - Zach] Anyhow, on the show, it happened differently, so here's where I have to transcribe. Over various photos of Marshall and Lily looking happier than ever, while Robin and Barney look like they want to escape or die trying, an acoustic guitar plays, and Marshall sings:

It was the best night ever
Laughter raining down
Like April showers
Oh, we talked for hours...
Best night ever.

Ted says, "Oh, that's not good." Stop interrupting Marshall, Ted.

...Then we played charades
Lily made some créme brulée-lay-lay-lay-lay
And now that we're best couple-friends
There's only one thing left to say...

Are you free? Are you free?
Are you free? Are you free?
Are you free next Saturday?

[Holding up a calendar with ferwonky dates, Marshall speaks:] That's the 17th.
Are you free?
[Marshall speaks] Friday or Sunday would also work.
Or basically any other day.

Before I get back to the scene, did you notice the dates on Marshall's calendar? Sharp-eyed Twit @clrumbaugh pointed it out to me right after the episode. On Marshall's calendar, October starts on a Thursday (like the real October 2009). The first Saturday is the third. Check. The second Saturday is the tenth. Check. It all goes downhill from there. The next week, from Sunday to Saturday is numbered thusly: 15, 14, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17. The rest of the month is numbered in a normal fashion. Anyhow...

Barney takes the Mac from Ted and closes it. "Needless to say, we've both changed our e-mail addresses." Ted doesn't understand why Marshall and Lily think the night was a hit, when it was such a bomb. We flash back to the couples' night at Dowisetrepla. Barney and Robin blow smoke up Lily and Marshall's asses about how fun the evening was. As they hastily back out of the door, Barney adds, "Let's do it again. Soon." Robin says, "Yeah, we'll call ya." We flash forward to the present. Ted wants to know why they'd lie to their friends. Robin shrugs. "Well, that's what you say at the end of a crappy date." Just then, the cutie that Ted was talking up at MacLaren's last night, hustles out of the bathroom and through the living room -- in the same clothes. Her shoes are in her hands, so she can do the walk of shame quickly and quietly. It's a scurry of shame, really. Without stopping, she says, "Hey, Ted. Great time last night. Let's do it again, soon. I'll uh... call ya."

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