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MacLaren's: Ted tells Barney and Robin since that Marshall and Lily haven't been to the bar all week, they have to apologize -- make things right. Barney cracks a bunch of Sexless Innkeeper jokes, so Ted turns his attention to Robin. "Robin, you know I'm right. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. Usually, it just makes it bigger." That's what she said! Oops, wrong sitcom. Robin says, "You're right. All that sexlessness has made you wise." Ted grumbles at them and storms off. Barney yells out to Ted to put a mint on the pillow for his boarders and not to charge for wi-fi. "It seems greedy." Robin laughs, and Barney turns to her with a look that would melt the coldest heart. Oh, my. Ahem.

Eventually though, Barney and Robin go to Dowisetrepla to apologize. But when Lily and her impressive cleavage answer the door, it's clear she and Marshall are not alone. They've found a new set of best couple-friends, and they're having a great time, laughing at Marshall's Sammy Hagar joke and gorging on Gouda. Lily says she wishes Barney and Robin had called, and that now isn't a good time, takes the wine they brought, tells them they'll call, and shuts the door in their faces. Ha!

MacLaren's: Robin and Barney are sitting in the booth when they're greeted by Lily and Marshall. They can't join them, though. They're just there for a quick drink with their new couple best-friends. He's Py (a foodie) and she's Shea (who is just great). Barney and Robin suggest joining in, but Lily says they're on a double date. "I wouldn't want you to feel like a fifth and sixth wheel." Barney is clearly jealous as he asks who these people are. Marshall and Lily sigh the sigh of the contented then make their excuses. They have to take their new friends for a boat ride around the city. Robin crosses her arms and frowns. "Wow. It sounds like this is getting pretty serious." Marshall says they don't want to jinx it, "But we kind of think they might be the two." Marshall knocks on the wooden table as Lily knocks on her skull, and they take off for the spacious corner booth. Barney and Robin try to "Phffft" it off, but when another table of couples bursts out in raucous laughter, they look lonely and full of regret.

Eric Carmen's "All By Myself" plays, but it's been filked into "All By Ourselves." Barney and Robin wander Manhattan's streets, seeing happy groups of best couple-friends, wherever they go. They enter a restaurant and ask the hostess for a table for two. She rolls her eyes and sneers. "Just the two of you?" They nod their heads in resignation and Robin covers her face as Barney leads her out of the restaurant. Later, in bed, they drown their sorrows in ice cream. And Barney's wearing an ice cream-stained white undershirt. No jammie suit! In the next clip, they sit on the couch, pigging out on various munchies. Barney suggests they call the weird ferret-owning couple down the hall for a game of Taboo. Robin says, "After midnight? No way. We can't Tabooty call them. It's pathetic." They can barely mumble out a hello when Ted walks in. His face wrinkles in disgust as he takes in their slovenly appearance. "Barney, are you wearing sweatpants?" Barney says, "Maybe. But they're Armani." Ted's had it. "I have some bad news for you, so I'm just going to come out and say it: YOU'RE A COUPLE!" He explains to them that couples need other couples. They need to admit they miss Marshall and Lily.

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