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Everyone's Got Baggage

Outside after the movie, Ted tells Royce he's still getting over all that stuff. She offers to help him with it, and picks up half of his "LEFT AT THE ALTAR TRUNK." They walk away together as Saget!Ted says baggage isn't as heavy when someone else helps carry it. All around them, people are carrying their own baggage: "CUBS FAN." "MOM STILL DOES LAUNDRY." "5 GAY EX-BOYFRIENDS." "ELVIS IS ALIVE." "STILL THINKS HIS SKA BAND IS GOING TO TAKE OFF." "TRI-POLAR." "SLEPT WITH BARNEY." "LOVES CARS MORE THAN PEOPLE." "STILL LIKES OASIS." "ONLY DATES GUYS IN A BAND." You get the idea. Even if some of those don't actually qualify as baggage. Oh, and the girl who dates guys in bands and the ska band guy do connect, by the way, which is cute.

Tag: Ted and Royce are at his place. He tells her how glad he is to have opened up to her. She tells him it's not that bad, and she's been left at the altar. Three times. The baggage starts to pile up, as she says one time it was because she blew all their money on video poker, which is why she lives with her brother. In a tiny studio apartment. He totally hogs the covers. A giant shipping box shows up behind them with "SHARES A BED WITH HER BROTHER." Ted tells her she has to go. And so do we.

After hitting up the forums, see how Royce compares to the other almost-mothers.

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DeAnn, a writer and editor in Portland, Oregon, has baggage. You can contact her at

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