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Remember that little show about an unapologetically romantic guy named Ted and his best friends? You know the one. The show itself was also often unapologetically romantic (see the blue French horn; a memory that will never be tarnished (except that it was); and the two-minute date), even while it treasured its edge. It continued on and off like that for four seasons, and then during the first chunk of its fifth season, it took what may be the second most longed-for couple in the series and squeezed every drop of joy and fun out of them before presenting them to their salivating audience. Yeah, well, forget about those dark days, because How I Met Your Mother's romance is back, and is as swoon-worthy as ever. Lordy! Get me my smelling salts and my lace hand fan. I'm going in!

Marshall enters Ted's apartment lugging a heavy package. Robin goes all Brad Pitt in Se7en, and is only slightly more cringe-worthy than Dean Winchester when he did the same. Lost's Frank did it much better, if you ask me, and granted, you didn't. Anyhow, it's intentionally awkward, but satisfying once Robin looks at her two friends who refuse to indulge her with even a smirk, and says, "Yeah, I'm the jerk." I say satisfying, because she was the jerk, until she said that. At any rate, it seems Marshall's mother has been sending him his old stuff, which totally explains why he'd heft a box all the way from Dowisetrepla to Ted's place, right? Oh, sitcoms. In it, there's a bunch of childhood jetsam, like an old Mad Libs book. Marshall reads it: "Fart went to the fart to fart fartly." As they laugh over young Marshall's scatology, the phone rings. When Ted picks it up, we cut to an older lady (Barbara Perry, who played Buddy's wife, Pickles Sorrell, on The Dick Van Dyke Show) talking on her cell as she walks down the streets of New York, pushing her little shopping cart. It's not the store kind of cart that street people use. It's the actual old-lady kind that middle-class old ladies use. (Rich old ladies have staff do their shopping. Rich old ladies rule.) Look how cute Barbara Perry looks here. Her wool coat even sparkles as she deadpans into the phone: "The window is open." We cut back to...

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