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Maggie's Door; Present: Adam says he just moved to town and had to look up Maggie. Her eyes are near tears as she says they have a lot of catching up do to. Ted's smile is bittersweet, but not displeased as he nods in understanding. Saget!Ted tells his kids that he lost the ultimate girl-next-door to the guy next door. Once current-day Ted, Barney and Jim are back on the sidewalk, Ted turns to Jim. "Well, see you next time." Jim shakes his head and walks off. Saget!Ted then tells us there was no next time. "Maggie's window never opened again. We jump to a shot of an older Maggie and Jim. They're standing on the front steps of Maggie's childhood home. There's been some disagreement in the forums as to the meaning of this final scene. The man on the right front of the lawn resembles Bob Saget, and the woman on the lawn closer to the house has red hair (but so does Maggie) and so some people think this is Ted, Marshall, Lily, and the Mother playing with their kids on Maggie and Adam's lawn. I think though, that Maggie and Adam appear a little too old for that and suspect by the quiet looks of satisfaction on their faces that they're watching their own kids and grandkids play, but answer for yourself in the poll on the right hand side of this page.

Once the montage is over, we're back to Barney and Ted standing on the street. Barney suggests they go to the country and western bar we first saw in "Woooo" -- Giddy Ups. "The overalls have gotta work there. Wingman me?" Ted says, "I don't want to go to Giddy Ups." He gestures with his thumb toward Maggie's building. "I want that. I forgot what it feels like to chase the real thing, but I think I'm ready again." My husband says, "I think I'm ready to slap Ted, again." Shut up, husband. This is romantic. You were long married by the time you were Ted's age. You don't know his life. Ahem. Barney tries to distract us from our argument. "Yeah, let me tell you where I'm at. I want to have sex with a girl so I can take off these overalls." Ted walks away, as Barney begs him for help. "I've gotta take these things off." Just then, Barbara Perry's Mrs. Douglas hollers out her window, "Hey there. I just love your overalls." She's waving a fan coquettishly, which makes me think someone on the crew is aware of this vid. (I don't usually do this, but here's the URL for that link, for those of you who read the recap via Yahoo: Barney raises an eyebrow, swallows hard, shakes off a grimace, gives her a hesitating wassup sort of nod, and slowly makes his way toward the front door. By the time his foot hits the first step, he has freed his right shoulder from the overalls' hold. Head bowed, he marches resolutely through the door.

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