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A Licky Boom Boom Down

MacLaren's: Marshall and Lily invent a drinking game where they drink every time one of them thinks how awesome Ted is. Let's leave a perplexed but good-natured Maggie with them, while we check on Farmer Barney over at the bar. He's no longer wearing the suit jacket, but he's still got the shirt and tie on under his overalls. He approaches an attractive woman and asks if he can buy her a drink. Robin pops up behind him and drawls: "He's got a big brown jug, with three X's on it." Barney grimaces. "What have I done?" He moves off, leaving Robin laughing with the woman at the bar and we cut back to...

Classroom: Ted tells his students there is one important think to keep in mind when designing bridges. At the blackboard he writes: M A G G I E. We learn some of the students' names later on, but I'm just going to start using them now, for clarity's sake. Louis (Matthew Moy) says, "Maggie?" Ted says "No," and then decides to cover. "I mean... yes. When you're designing a bridge, always remember: Make Adjustments... Go Get It Energized." He nods as if they're buying it, then adds, "Good advice for life, too." Student Betty (Marieve Herington, who seems to have provided the voice for a Sarah Palin doll!) gets Ted talking about the real Maggie. He explains that he's been into her for a long time and that tonight might be his once chance to go out with her. Instead of telling him to go, everyone in class raises their hands. Again. Jamie asks if Maggie's a hottie. Ted says she's very attractive and makes a plea to end class now, but Betty's hand shoots up again. "Maggie may finally be available, but what about you, Professor Mosby? Are you ready for a serious relationship?" My husband asks if Betty might be the mother. I remind him how the Mother was in the wrong classroom, but honestly, I was thinking the same thing myself. I know maybe it's a less-than professional move for Ted, but in this post-Letterman/intern world, go for it, Ted. Anyhow, at first, Ted says he's totally ready, but instead of taking that opportunity to bolt from the classroom, he then reverses himself, dithers a bit, and then asks the students what they think, because Ted is King That Guy. His countrymen again raise their hands and we cut to...

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