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A Licky Boom Boom Down

MacLaren's: Lily and Marshall are long gone. Robin is now on the phone with Ted, telling him she's got everything well in hand. Not lacking in self-confidence, she allows that while Maggie might be the sort of guy-magnet that you could use to hang your kid's picture on the fridge, "I'm one of those magnets that can pick up cars in a junkyard." She grabs two beers from the bartender and returns to the booth, only to find Maggie already sitting with a man who turns out to be her (obviously smitten) co-worker, who she introduces as Jim (New Hampshire boy Jamie Kaler, a. k.a. Mike Callahan, My Boys). Jim can't bear to take his eyes off Maggie, even when he's meeting Robin. We cut to...

Classroom: A picture of Maggie is up on the screen. Ted sits on the table at the front of the classroom and wonders what "being ready" even means. He tells the kids about being left at the altar and how that's left him scared. [I love how hands shoot up during this, and Ted calls on them in full teacher discussion mode, "Louis, then Betty." - Z] Louis says everyone's scared. Betty adds that being scared lets you know you're onto something important. Ted runs with that. If you're not scared, it's because you're not taking a chance, and then, "What the hell are you doing?" Jamie adds, "I think you're ready, Bro." We sideways slide to...

MacLaren's: Maggie and Jim enjoy one another's company a little too much for Robin, so she throws herself at Jim. It gets so bad that when he invites Maggie to a photography show, Les Chiens Érotiques (yeah, that means what you think it does) and if I-only-took-Latin-and-Spanish-American-me can translate that, surely Canadian-Robin can, and yet she accepts Jim's invitation as if it had been meant for her, rather than Maggie, all along.

Classroom: Ted decides it's time to go take that chance. Jamie raises his hand. "One last piece of advice... Make Adjustments...." The rest of the class joins in: "Go Get It Energized!" Oh my word, how cute are they? Can we have more of them this season? Please? Anyhow, on his way out of the classroom, Ted's phone rings. It's Robin. Outside MacLaren's, we see her getting into a cab with Jim as she informs Ted about a change in Maggie-minding plans. We cut back to Ted. "YOU LEFT HER WITH BARNEY?!" And we cut to...

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