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The Yips

MacLaren's. The whole group is there and they're talking about what transpired at the gym. Robin thinks she should join the gym so she can get really strong and punch Barney in the face. Ted says they should all do it. "Yeah, let's all punch Barney in the face!" Lily squeals. Lily is wearing a bad Cleopatra Halloween wig. It's not so much flattering as it is flattening. My spirit. Ted says they should totally join the gym together. He says they put on all this beer weight together, and they could lose it together. Robin suggests they could stop drinking beer. Everyone agrees to join the gym instead.

Side-wipe to the gym. Marshall is standing around as Lily bounces in one of those giant exercise balls. This may be controversial, but I will be brave: I think those workout balls are complete bullshit. Nobody ever got buff chilling out on a bean bag. The jig is up, Gold's Gym. I call bullshit on giant workout balls. A very tiny woman (smaller than Lily, even) approaches Marshall and introduces herself as his trainer, Trish. Lily notices that Trish is hot and tries to step in as Marshall smiles goofily and shakes the woman's hand. Lily pulls Marshall aside. Honey, do you need money for a new wig? Because this one is to' up! Lily wonders if maybe this trainer isn't too hot for Marshall. Marshall gestures to his own body and says he can see what Lily is worried about. He says this is just about taking care of himself. Lily will always be his sugar. Marshall walks back to the trainer, who asks him if he's ready to make a commitment to his body. Marshall is all about commitment; he'll drive to Vermont and have a commitment ceremony with his body. He says that's a weird thing to say, stepping on his own pretty funny joke. Trish tells Marshall to give her 100 push-ups. He asks how many she wants him to do. "100," she repeats. Marshall thought that was just a figure of speech. Trish asks if Marshall smells that. He doesn't. "It smells like there's a little bitch in my gym," she says. Marshall is far from little, but I'll agree on the other part. Trish yells for Marshall to get on the floor and give her 100. He gets down and starts, a little chastened.

Cut to Lily and Robin doing floor stretches on big blue mats. Robin is wearing biker shorts, an unflattering yellow headband and a loose muscle shirt. And no make-up. She comments on how great it is not to have to dress up or make herself pretty for the gym. Ted, standing nearby, says they're meeting their friend Robin at the gym later and he hopes this girl doesn't hate her because she's hot. "Shut up!" Robin says. She asks Lily to tell Ted the same. "I'm sorry, lesbian prison guard, do we know each other?" Lily snarks. Barney, suited up spiffily, comes up to Ted. He pauses to tell Robin, "Oh, hey, dude, I'm Barney."

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