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Side-whoosh to 1981. VoiceoverBarney describes Rhonda "Manmaker" French, their mom's friend from down the street. Barney and James are playing Go Fish with Rhonda at her place. We see in successive scenes Rhonda telling Barney and James' mom about how much she likes the paper boy (she let him throw into her hedges) and the pool boy (she let him snake her drain) and the Chinese food delivery boy. For this last one, she has no funny way to say it because she just had sex with him. Side-whoosh back to...1998? Wow, show, you're really stretching the space-time continuum this week. Pheasant Barney thinks that's a great idea and thinks it'll be easier since Rhonda knows him.

Cut to Barney showing up at her door. "Hi, Barry!" she says. He's brought her flowers, which is cute. He starts to proposition her, but she just grabs him and drags him inside. Later, Barney is getting dressed. Rhonda, in bed, says, "Wow! You just rocked my world! That was the best sex I ever had!" She seems to mean it. Pheasant Barney smiles, having rocked a world.

Back to the present, Barney says that he was born that day. He rose like a phoenix from her mentholated bosom and strode into the world Armani-clad and fully awesome. And that is Barney's version of how he lost his virginity.

Gym. Marshall is doing push-ups. He begs Trish to let him stop. Trish thinks Marshall's going to have a massive coronary in a few years when he turns 40. Marshall says he's 29. "50 more!" Trish yells. Lily shows up. She's arm-in-arm with Max, her new trainer. They're going to focus on flexibility. "Gonna stretch her out," Max says. They walk off. "Great. Wait, what?" Marshall asks. Trish yells at him some more. Marshall keeps doing sit-ups and we see from his point of view Lily and Max getting into increasingly exotic stretching positions. Marshall thinks that's not cool. It's a tiny bit hot, though.

Juice bar. Barney is trying to talk to Rhonda. He tries to remind her about the old days. He wonders if one man from her past might have stood out above the pack. Rhonda remembers a kid who was not Barney and had a tongue like a gekko. Ew? They should have a dude like that on Heroes. Barney tries to refresh her memory again. She remembers another not-Barney who had hips like a woman but knew how to use them. "What about me?" Barney asks, annoyed. He reminds her that they slept together and that she said he was the best she ever had.

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