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Snow Job

Back outside, they lie to the girls that they have a big meeting and can't make the show. When Ted suggests exchanging phone numbers, Barney drags him back inside and explains that giving someone your phone number gives them the ability to cancel, and then makes a suggestive gesture with his hands as he comments on the only digits he needs. Oh, Barney. You're smoother than that. Outside, they make plans with the girls to meet up at MacLaren's after the show "tomorrow night," but the blonde (whom I'm just going to call Mary Winchester) wonders about the upcoming blizzard. Ted says, "Snow problem." Barney drags him back inside. Again. But only to compliment him on the pun. Heh. Back outside yet again, they firm up plans with the girls, who then leave. Barney then mocks the college girls' stupidity, but celebrates it at the same time, as only Barney can. When Ted second-guesses not getting their numbers, Barney assures him nothing could possibly go wrong, because he doesn't know he's in a sitcom (I don't think; although it's arguable he imagines he is). Just then, the snow begins to fall. In a nice bit of camera work + special effects, the guys look up at the falling snow, and the camera zooms out until we're looking at a weather satellite map of the Northeast, and the entire Atlantic seems to be filled with a snow hurricane, moving towards New York. [Except I don't think Northeast weather moves east to west like that. But never mind -- it's a sitcom! - Zach]

Theme song!

Saget!Ted narrates, "Kids, the blizzard of '09 was a monster." PAY ATTENTION HERE: "It snowed for three days straight, which led to three amazing stories." A still of Marshall and Robin working on the radiator at Ted's place takes up the left hand corner of the screen, while a shot of Lily on her plane fills the right. "I'll start with me and Barney," says Saget!Ted. A still of Ted and Barney at their booth at MacLaren's fills the bottom half of the screen and expands 'til it crowds the other two out. They're the only visible patrons at the pub. Ted thinks the girls aren't coming, but Barney refuses to give up hope. If he lands just one of these girls, he'll have Party School Bingo.

Disinterested, Ted remains silent, but because he's the only other person there, Barney forces him to ask about the game. Barney takes the top 25 schools from Playboy's annual list of party schools, and makes a Bingo board. "All I need is Arizona Tech, which is crazy. In league play, that would normally be designated a free space." Ted asks how many people are in on the game. Barney says, "Oh, it's just me."

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