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Snow Job

Robin tells Marshall all these adorable rituals are stupid -- like children playing house. Marshall bites back, telling her that maybe she thinks they're stupid because she's never been in a relationship long enough to develop them. He says she doesn't understand love and compares her to a robot (complete with an awesome robot voice) that can't make human feelings compute. Whoa, what a major low blow (Major Lowblow!) Robin does her best (but not that good) robot voice, as she pulls the car over into the breakdown lane, and refuses to drive any further until Marshall apologizes, but all he'll say is that his robot was a million times better.

At MacLaren's, one of the band members reports to Ted and Barney that the trough in the bathroom is overflowing. Do you guys have troughs in your bathrooms? The hell? Never mind. I don't want to know. [We try not to think about the fact that we're basically peeing in a ditch. - Z] Ted points out that there's no trough in the MacLaren's bathroom, and that college boy just exited the kitchen. Ew ew ew! I'd be kicking them out right then, with actual kicks. Meanwhile, Barney's so panicked he can't remember the ingredients to a gin and tonic. Ted realizes it sucks to run a bar and says they should close up. Barney reminds him of their old, "There's no last call" pledge, when the phone rings. Barney answers it with a "Puzzles" only to hear Carl on the other end, saying he'll be back in five minutes. Barney rings the last call bell and the students protest.

Robin and Marshall sit in silence in the breakdown lane, until Marshall sees a snowplow coming and tells her they need to get back on the road. Robin's so busy ranting to Marshall about being a "love snob" that she ignores his point -- which is that they'll get plowed in, if they don't move right away. This happens more than once. Finally, she's so pissed that she decides to leave the breakdown lane, but not because of the snowplow and not to continue on to the airport, but rather to go home. Of course that's when the plow passes by and completely buries them. She'd been so caught up in her rant, all she can say is, "What just happened?"

Lily rushes into Brewniverse and asks after the Seattle micro-brew she called about, earlier. The shop owner says it's a good thing she called because he was getting ready to close up because of the big storm, then he rambles on about it being the storm of the century and yet it's too early to be any such thing, and that perhaps it's storm of the year, although again, it's rather early into the year. Lily tells him as kindly as she can that they're in a hurry. The owner compliments Ranjit and Lily on being such a cute couple. As Ranjit thanks him, Lily makes clear in word and expression that they're no such thing. The owner says, "Thank God! That would be weird." I think they hurt Ranjit's feelings. Harumph. Anyhow, all he has is a keg, and Ranjit has a no-keg rule in his car, thanks to having too much experience scraping dried vomitus off the seats, so Lily has to bribe him $50 to take (and carry) the keg for her.

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