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Snow Job

Saget!Ted reminds us it was a three-day storm. Over a shot of Marshall and Robin driving to the airport in the snow, and Robin telling him how stupid it is, there's a title card that reads: "tuesday." Marshall asks Robin not to mention they came to pick Lily up, because he feels so dumb.

Barney and Ted were making like Tom Cruise on Wednesday. And Marshall joined the party when it moved to Ted's apartment that night. While he's explaining to Ted that he really won't be picking up Lily, a drunken student (possibly played by the very same actor who played the French guy of Marshall's dream) [Are you sure it's not the trough-peeing guy? - Z] thanks Ted and crew and says if they ever need anything from the Fighting Hens, they should just ask.

Lily arrives back in NYC and goes to the Brewniverse on Thursday. And it is on Thursday, that Lily sits on the bench. Alone. That is, she's alone until a young man sits next to her. He starts playing, "Auld Lang Syne" on his clarinet. Lily looks half sad, half annoyed. Two buglers (I think) join in from the other side of the waiting area. Then tubas and slide trombones and any number of instruments -- like, oh, say, you might find in a marching band such as the Fighting Hens of Arizona Tech -- all join in. Marshall enters, wearing his chauffeur cap, and carrying his "Lilypad" sign. Lily glows as she rises to her feet. Marshall says, "A muffin, a pastrami sandwich, and a bag of chips. And I know it's way past lunchtime, but I love you. More and more each day, I love you, Lily. Happy New Year." He's near tears. Lily's near tears. Heck, I'm near tears. They kiss, and the band plays on. When the song ends, Marshall and Lily end their kiss. He says, "Um, wait, does this mean that I have to bring a marching band to the airport from now on?"

Lily grabs onto his coat and nods her head, vigorously. "Absolutely, it does."

"Crap." They kiss again, and the band plays an up-tempo version of "Auld Lang Syne" as poor Rachel Sondheimer wanders by lost and alone, carrying her own name on a sign.

End tag: Ted's sitting on the couch with the pretty brunette. When he says, "Puzzles," she replies, "That is a great band name," then asks if he's seen Amanda. (I think she means Mary Winchester, and maybe she should learn her friend's name, huh?) Barney pushes open the bathroom door, shirt undone so we get another look at those lovely NPH abs and pants slightly undone, and you know why. But in case you don't, he shouts, "BINGO!" then stumbles back and closes the door and we fade to black. There's no new episode next week, so we all have time to rest up for February sweeps.

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