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How We Pushed 'Em Together

Dowisetrepla: Lily wakes to find Marshall spooning her. She smiles as she pulls his arm closer to her body.

MacLaren's: Barney asks Ted what's up with Robin. Ted says Barney was right. "It's been four days. She hasn't said another word about moving out, but listen, we can never pull crap like that, ever again." Barney agrees, and reads Ted his latest breakup letter to Robin. "'Dear Future Barney, You think you want Robin back again, but you really don't. Let her go. Sincerely, Past-Barney'." Ted grabs the letter from Barney's hand and reads the postscript. "'P.S. That top part was just for Ted. Did he buy it? Good. Now get back together with Robin, but don't mention it to Ted, because he'll just screw it up again'." Ted: "And then there's more drawings of boobs." Barney: "Okay. Okay. In my defense, how great are boobs?" Ted laughs and agrees. Boobs.

Ted's Apartment: Ted is fixing himself breakfast when he realizes that once again, Robin has left him an empty carton of milk in the fridge. He storms into her room. She's gone. All her stuff is gone. The only thing that's left is the blue French horn, sitting all by itself -- in the corner -- like a naughty child. As Ted lets that sink in, we fade to black.

The thing is, here's the thing. I no longer care about Barney and Robin or Ted and Robin. At points during the series, I would have loved to see either pair become the couple, but it didn't happen when the time was right. Now I find myself thinking about that damned monkey episode, "Zoo Or False" and wondering if I should believe any story I've ever seen on the show. See, before that episode, I had a modicum of trust. I.... Well, not to belabor the point, but I cover Lost, all right? I don't care if they tell me all the answers, which is good, because they never do. I care that when they do tell me something, I can believe it. Now, that doesn't mean characters are never wrong. That doesn't mean characters never lie. It does mean that when I actually get to see things play out on screen -- it's canon.

I'll be back next week with whatever pap they're throwing at us next, but in the meantime, come on over to the forums, where we'd never leave your blue French horn lying in an empty corner.

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