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When we're back, Marshall's so excited Ted's coming back to design Goliath. But Ted says he's not coming back, since the guys at GNB are evil. "No offense, Marshall." Marshall takes none, and agrees those guys are the Empire, but that every architect would still want the Death Star on his resume -- and it's going to get designed anyway -- even if the architect totally failed by giving it a design flaw that made it possible for a single bullet fired into a vent to explode the whole thing. Ted: "For all we know, it was the contractor's fault." America: "Dude, it's a good thing we all love Star Wars." Marshall says that won't happen to Ted Mosby, who will design the most beautiful, ventless, Rebel-proof building in Manhattan, "with clearly marked emergency stops for every trash compactor on the detention level." Ted realizes no one understands this, but he likes his quiet, simple, happy life. He knows what his job has to be.

Cut to Barney's office, where he turns down the job and hopes Barney has no hard feelings. Barney: "Of course not." On Ted's way out of the office, he runs into hot student Rachel for no reason other than to remind us, lest we forget, that Barney's a playa. Saget!Ted says he thought that was the end of the story. But we all knew better since we're less than ten minutes in to the episode. That night at MacLaren's, Ted and Marshall are still debating Death Star architecture, but Barney won't speak to Ted. Barney gets a drink, and Marshall tells Ted that Barney said he'll get the yes from Ted, because "Barney Stinston allllllllways gets the 'yes.'" They realize Barney wants Ted to work at GNB so bad he's putting the moves on him (although Marshall's holding out a little hope that Barney's actually interested in Ted, because he really likes them together). Ted thinks this is crazy even for Barney. Marshall says they can figure it out easily, since they know Barney's moves so well. After he's done ignoring a girl, what does he do? Cut to Barney telling a girl he loves her glasses, which take the focus off that chin thing she has going. Marshall says it's the backhanded compliment to lower self-esteem -- "a proven winner." Barney comes back with his drink and tells Ted he likes his haircut, and admires Ted's commitment to it even though it's been co-opted by the lesbian community.

Lily shows up at Robin's place and tells her she could smell poop from the hallway. Robin barely tries to deny it, and instead recounts her cuckoo phone call to Don: "This just in! ... Is what I'm gonna say when I'm stabbing you." Lily's mad Robin didn't delete Don's number like bossy Lily ordered her to. Robin pretends she tried, but we know she really didn't, and then turns it around on Lily to get her to delete a number. Lily thinks it will be no problem at all, but then won't let Robin delete the number of her dojo for a karate class she took about 100 years ago (and in which we flash back to a kid pinning her to the ground on the first day), but she's, like, totally going to sign up for more lessons. Robin tells her how they keep these numbers in their phones to not let go of memories, and Lily gets it. So Lily deletes the number, and tells Robin it's her turn.

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