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"Finished With That"

Cut to him in Barney's office, all "Okay, I'll do it." He even offers to design it for half of what they're paying the other architect. "And, you know I would do stuff they would never do. Lobby stuff." Barney's about to hire Ted, when World's Worst Wingman Marshall tells Ted the truth: There's no other architect, and he was just helping Barney. Ted says he can't do business with people who lied, but Barney says they only lied so he'd realize how much he wants this job. Ted says he doesn't, and he only thought he did because he fell for the creepy voodoo that countless women before him have fallen for. Barney: "236." Ted: "Wow. Respect." Marshall tells Ted he has to take this job, and can't let fear steal his funk. Then he has to take a moment to write that down, since there must be a song in there. Ted doesn't want all the stress of being an architect, and he loves being a professor. "All that stupid crap they tell you about how fulfilling teaching is? It's all true." He should give inspirational speeches. He says his final answer is no, and he leaves.

Robin walks in to MacLaren's, where Marshall and Lily are waiting. Lily, especially, is waiting to respond to Robin's casual, "Hi guys," with this show's latest really-wants-to-be-a-catchphrase-but-there's-no-way-to-use-it-ever: "Where's the poop, Robin?" Robin says Lily's like a bomb-sniffing dog, but with poop. She's a poop-sniffing dog. Marshall thinks that's actually just a dog. Which, I have two of them and that's completely true. Robin admits that she called Don again. Cut to Robin's call. She's trying to be awesome and cool, all: Sorry. I saw you on the news and it made me crazy. But "I just wanted to say, from the bottom of my heart, I am going to kill you." Nope. Kidding again. "And that Asian slut on your Facebook page. She's dead too." Wow. Who knew Robin was this crazy? Lily thought Robin deleted his number, but Robin has it memorized, because, you know what? Closure doesn't exist and Robin will never have it. She says that no matter how much she tries to forget it happened, it always will have happened. They'll always be a loose end. They'll always be ...

Professor Ted completes her sentence: "... Unfinished." And he keeps teaching over the next scenes, making current Ted our narrator, which really demonstrates how much Bob Saget and Josh Radnor sound alike. It's almost eerie. Anyway, he talks all about things being unfinished and how we'll never know if we don't finish things as Robin stares at a picture of Don, Lily does karate with her fridge, and Marshall plays some funk music -- sad and alone.

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