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Credits! Ba-ba-pa-paaaa! Happy time.

The apartment. It looks a lot darker and woodsy for some reason. Is that just me? Barney and Marshall are on the couch flailing their Xbox 360 controllers around. I've been playing BioShock for the last three week sand I had to pry the controller out of my own hands to start this recap. I'm jonesin' right now, man! Lily is sitting on the floor sporting her Rilo Kiley hairdo. Ted emerges from the bathroom. His beard has lost its chin, transforming into a giant set of muttonchops. I'd make a joke about it, but the show is right there with it. Ted is annoyed at Robin for bringing that guy back with her from Argentina. Ted has decided that Robin is trying to win what was previously an amicable break-up. Lily asks what he means and calls him, "Old-timey inventor." Marshall says that what our 21st president Chester A. Arthur is trying to say is that in every break-up, there are winners and losers. Lily giggles. Barney says that Robin's got a hot underwear model and Ted's singing the low part in a barbershop quartet. Lily says it's not a competition. "Now your 80-day balloon race around the world...that was a competition!" Hee. Marshall couldn't be prouder of his wife. Ted strides back to the bathroom. Barney says it is a competition. How else to explain "What's-his-name?"

Side-whoosh to MacLaren's, where Gael is introducing himself. "I'm sorry...Gayle?" Ted asks. It seems obnoxious at first ("These are O.R. scrubs." "O. R. they?"). Gael repeats his name. "Kyle?" Barney asks. "Girl?" Marshall tries. Robin says it's pronounced "Guy-El" (is he Kryptonian?). Gael says the name means "Joyful" and that he likes spreading joy to the less fortunate. Awwww. "I'm sorry, so it's Gayle?" Ted asks. These people need more Latino friends. I volunteer!

Side-whoosh back to the apartment. Ted has emerged from the bathroom with a big handlebar moustache. He's mad at Gael for coming to this country with a big sexy accent to seduce his girlfriend. "That's a great point... Persian nightclub owner," Barney says. Ted is further disgusted by the fact that Gael is a masseuse.

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