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SagetTed glosses over the whole penis thing by saying he can't remember what got him over the break-up with Robin, but that it was probably something profound and meaningful, not macho and petty. As the camera follows a woman getting her umbrella and leaving the bar, SagetTed says that what followed was a new era, a crazy time unlike any other before in his life. We go outside where the woman with the black umbrella joins a sea of others walking in the rain in an overhead shot. SagetTed says it's funny given what his life was moving toward and what was headed toward him. We see a yellow umbrella walk from left to right. She keeps walking as Mandy Moore sings very briefly on the soundtrack.

Tag-time! Barney is at his work desk at night. His phone rings. He answers with his Bluetooth headset. "Go for Barney," he says. It's Marshall. Marshall is in the apartment, but everything is dark. The blinds cast shadows on him. It's very sinister. Foreboding music plays. He tells Barney to check his e-mail. "What is it?" Barney asks. Barney says it's a new Web site, Ted looks at the screen. It says, "55 days 23 hours 59 minutes 58 seconds." "What does this mean?" Barney asks. Marshall hangs up. "Marshall?" Ted asks. Marshall sniffs his beautiful slapping hand and breathes heavily. He rears his arm back as if he's about to slap a Barney. "No," Barney says. "Noooooooo!" he screams.

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