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We're Not From Here

Back at MacLaren's, wavy-haired Robin is showing a photo album to the group, including the drum circle photo. "Are you topless!?" Barney asks. Ted says he's seen 'em. Robin says that the Robin who left is not the Robin who came back. Lily marvels at all the naked people in the photo album. Did Robin go to Naked Argentina? Barney challenges Robin, saying she hasn't changed at all and she's still the gun-totin' New Yorker she was when she left. Barney doesn't buy her new peacenik attitude and says she's going to break up with Gael soon. He looks to Teed for support, but he goes the neutral, "I'm just happy Robin's happy." Lily says the photo album is like Where's Waldo of exposed genitalia, except it's really easy to find Waldo. Robin insists she's evolved. Barney thinks vacation romance has an expiration date and that Robin will dump Gael as soon as she de-evolves. Ted toes the neutral line again. Lily sees Gael coming and tells Barney to switch to big words. Barney says that in a triad of solar periods, she'll recognize her dearth of compatibility with her paramour. Robin says her journey was transformative and she reasserts her commitment to the aforementioned paramour and the philosophies he espouses. Gael asks if they're talking about baseball. Barney says this is gonna masticate him in the gluteus. He asks Ted to support his hypothesis. Ted repeats his line, but changes, "Happy" to "Jubilant." And "Robin" to "Former paramour."

That night, Marshall is sitting down to write his death letter to Lily. As he sits in the apartment, an angel Marshall appears in a bubble over his right shoulder. He tells his "Dearest Lily-Pad" that he hopes this letter will be a beacon, a firefly to light the years ahead. Pretty music plays. As he proclaims his love, higher than the Himalayas, deeper than a Scottish loch, Marshall sobs as he writes. It's pretty hilarious. Later that night, the angel says, "If I die under suspicious circumstances, then beware. Trust no one. Not even Ted." Marshall thinks about it for a second. "Especially not Ted," Angel Marshall says. Ha! Marshall cries as Angel Marshall proclaims his never-dying love for Lily. "Love, your marshmallow," he concludes. Marshall seals the envelope and places it in a folder. Then he notices Lily's death folder, right on the table. I am ashamed to admit that I would probably read it, too. Marshall looks around and opens the folder. He finds a little tiny envelope and unwisely tears the thing open. Angel Lily, still with the Jenny Lewis 'do (I don't think they allow that in heaven) reads an ATM PIN code, and a code for her teacher's pension. She concludes with, "Cancel Vogue. L." Concise!

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