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New York Robin wakes up with a gasp. There's a drum circle going on. She tells everyone to get out. Nobody listens to her. Robin goes to her nightstand, pulls out a gun, and goes to the living room. Everybody scatters. "Michael Moore was so right about Americans!" one of them yells. "I'm Canadian!" Robin fires back. She slams her door and the entire fake wall moves. Gael wakes up in bed. He asks if she's all right. She's not. Enrique Iglesias' song plays as they break up. I wonder what it's like to get dumped to your own music.

SagetTed says that Robin was back. She shows up at MacLaren's wearing a sweater. She has a drink with Barney. She tells Barney that she had another dream about Vacation Robin. "Listening," Barney says. Robin says she may be sandy, but that chick knows what she likes. Barney's visibly excited. They toast.

The apartment. Lily presents Marshall with her sealed letter. She says she doesn't want him to read it unless something happens. Marshall swears not to, but asks what it says. He promises after all.

"After 22 wonderful years of marriage," SagetTed says, "Marshall kept his promise." We cut to a very ornate desk. Marshall, much older and bald, sits sadly at a desk. "Until November 1st of last year, when sadly..." The title card says, "the year 2029." Oh my God, they killed Lily! You bastards! Marshall sadly opens Lily's letter. There's a funny motivational paperweight on the desk showing a little figure pushing a rock up a hill. It says, "Determination." Young Angel Lily pops up in a balloon. "Busted!" she says. "I knew you'd read this! You suck, Marshall, you totally suck!" Marshall looks for more text. "That's it?" he asks, "I suck?!" Mature, Hillary Rodham Lily walks in and says he does suck for reading it. Hey... Milfy! Marshall is mad there's no dirty pictures in there. "Fine, I'll take the dirty pictures," Older Lily says. "I don't want them now!" he says. She asks what that's supposed to mean. "Nothing! You're beautiful!" he says. The End.

CBS wants you to know that you should totally go buy the new Enrique Iglesias album Insomniac. You know, if he really is an insomniac, I have a cure for him. He should listen to the new album by Enrique Iglesias. See ya next week!

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