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Why Can't You Do It? Why Can't You Set Your Monkey Free?
card, I can't help but remember their past money woes. I sort of hope they don't return to that well. At least, I hope that Lily's charge-a-holic days are over. If there are more money troubles in store for these two, may they be brought on by something fresh. Marshall ran a football pool at work, right? Maybe he could have a gambling problem, or something. This episode could also be a set up for Barney, heaven forbid, getting a woman (Sarah) pregnant (for real, since we've already had a scare), or catching a nasty STD (please please please please please).

That said, I don't give a flying frick if this is a setup for future problems. If I someday find out that's exactly what it is, that doesn't mean I will suddenly feel like this episode was worth it in the now. For me, it's like the ruination of Barney, this season. Okay, so now, he knows that his sexual bragging hurts Robin and he's apologized, sent her on a date, and has seemed to have cut down (some) on sharing his exploits in front of her. That doesn't change the fact that he was insufferable for weeks on end. I love when plot points pay off in the future. But I need the episode to pay off in the present too, if you want me to keep watching, Show. Don't get me wrong. I chuckled at this episode much of the way through, but at the end, it left me feeling cold. It left me feeling like this was a show I wouldn't mind having on in the background if there was nothing else on. What it didn't do was convince me that HIMYM should remain appointment TV.

Up next week is the all new "Home Wreckers" in which Ted attends his mother's wedding. Harry Groener (the Mayor from Buffy) guest stars, which gives me something to look forward to. Until then, come on over to the forums, where, yes, we have no bananas.

After hitting up the forums, check out our newly updated HIMYM Dictionary.

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