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We open in a Washington D.C. Subway station. Supposedly. I am not personally familiar with the subways of our nation's capital, but it looks suspiciously clean to me. You know what I think? I think this might be a set, and not the actual subway station at all! Anyway, a scruffy young man accosts a black gentleman with an English accent. He pulls a gun and demands the guy's watch. The answer comes in the form of a riddle: "You know, a man's watch is a very cherished thing. You steal that, you might as well be stealing his soul." Okay, so it's not really a riddle. With a quick move, the would-be victim disassembles the gun. Seriously, he just reaches up and the clip falls out and the barrel collapses. Either this guy has magic powers or that was a really poorly constructed gun. The scruffy guy runs away, never to be seen again.

Chance sits next to the guy, who tells him that Chance can't kill him here with all these witnesses. Both of them have some blood on their faces. Chance calls him Baptiste, and Baptiste dares him to shoot him in cold blood.

With that established, a caption takes us to "8 Hours Earlier," which is a gimmick I feel this show has already overused. However, in this new scene, Winston and Chance investigate a crime scene. There's a dead John Doe with fingerprints burned off. Whoever did it took the watch but left the ring. Winston explains to the policeman who called them in (thinking that they're SFPD) that it's not a serial killer but an assassin. Chance says it's Baptiste, because he has a thing for watches. The policeman hopefully asks if the assassin is finished, but apparently he's just getting started. As our protagonists walk away from the NPC, Winston says "I know what this guy took from you and I know what you want to do to him and I don't think there's a person in the world who'd blame you for it." It sounds like he's going to try to talk Chance out of something, but it turns out that Winston is on board with whatever Chance wants. It's on!

Chance knocks on a door and strolls in. The woman shoves him against the wall, tells him he's under arrest, and explains what happened to her. Oh, it's Agent Emma Barnes from the episode with the Russian embassy! Taste the continuity! She knocks him to the floor and yells at him about how she got humiliated and got in trouble at work. You remember, because she kept insisting that there had been a mysterious square-jawed dude that no one could verify. Some guy walks into the room and Chance gives him a very calm "Hey. How's it going?" Emma sends him to get the handcuffs from her bedroom drawer. He's pretty easygoing about it, and Chance thanks him for being understanding about it. Emma apologizes to Random Guy and offers to make it up on Saturday. Chance is pretty calm, considering that he's under arrest and is being handcuffed. When Emma runs out of steam, he asks if they can talk about his thing now.

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Human Target




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