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She dumps him into a chair and grabs a phone. Chance tries to talk her out of calling someone, describing some recent superassassinations, saying that "someone very important" will die. She agrees to let him explain. Chance says that Baptiste killed the John Doe so he'd have a cover to get into the United Nations. This whole time, we're watching Baptiste construct a fake ID. Chance is convinced that Baptiste is going to be killing a foreign dignitary tonight, and he cannot be stopped... except by Chance. So how does Chance know so much about this guy?

"Because I trained him." Bum bum bum!

Back to the subway. Baptiste complains about Chance being all goody-goody now. He mocks Chance's "No one deserves to die" catchphrase, which he doesn't really use that often. He talks vaguely about "this evening's unfortunate events." The message is that they used to be a team until Chance left for the glamorous life of a Human Target. It appears to bother Baptiste that Chance is saving people instead of killing them.

Emma's place. She's outraged that Chance trained an assassin. He just can't please anyone tonight. She insists that she can't trust him because she doesn't even know his name. "It's Christopher Chance," he says. I don't get the thing where he's reluctant to share his name and then does. It's probably an alias anyway, right? Their argument is interrupted as Winston comes through the door, followed by Guerrero. Winston is exasperated (drink!) by Chance being in handcuffs. Emma recognizes them, but since she didn't get names the first time out, Chance does introductions: "Guerrero. Winston. New Girl." "Layla." "We ruined her company." Layla is "Niteowl" from Lockdown. Guerrero and Layla start setting up a laptop while Winston and Chance exchange theories about what Baptiste could be up to. A West Point? A Reverse Lifeboat? Also, Guerrero wants to make sure Chance isn't sweet on Emma. His only hope is that Emma will be professional and objective and -- he sees something offscreen.

Uh oh. Not only does Emma have maps and fingerprints and pictures on her wall, she's connected them with strings. The string is always the sign that you've gone around the bend. She's also got a police sketch of Chance, and his jaw is somehow even squarer in the picture. Guerrero describes the effect as "a teenage girl's locker." Emma tells them not to look at it, because it's an ongoing FBI investigation. Yeah, but it's an investigation to find out who Chance is, so surely he could help out a little, right? Staying on track, Guerrero tells Emma they want the Whitelist, which is a secret FBI list of visiting dignitaries. Emma doesn't have the list, but her boss, Deputy Director Lynch does. The plan is to borrow Emma's ID to get into the building and then break into Lynch's office. She looks dubious, but obviously she goes along with it. Right now, they figure Baptiste is using his UN cover to get the FBI involved so he can get into their files.

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Human Target




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