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Emma asks Chance who Katherine Walters is. He does not respond at first, but tells her that his old boss found him when he was young. She asks again. "She was the last assignment of my old life. And I couldn't do it." Why not? "She was kind. She was honest. She didn't deserve it." "You loved her." "And I tried to protect her, but the guy they sent next was just too good." Winston drives up and Chance and Emma get in the car.

As he drives, Winston explains that Guerrero heard church bells in the background, which can only mean Georgetown. Specifically, the empty warehouse district, which is a very popular destination for chase scenes. A guy in a hard hat and safety vest finds Baptiste trying to get through a manhole cover with a cutting torch. Baptiste's cover story doesn't pan out, so he just shoots the guy. Then he checks him for a watch.

Meanwhile, in the future, Baptiste continues to ask Chance questions in the subway. Has he really changed, or is Baptiste's old friend still in there? Well, the old Chance would have killed Baptiste by know. He tells Chance that if Chance kills Baptiste, The Old Man will come after him and everyone he loves. Scary! The train arrives and people start to get in, which will leave Chance and Baptiste alone together.

Back to the chase. Winston pulls up right next to the manhole cover that Chance immediately identifies as the one that Baptiste broke into. Winston, Emma and Chance hop down into the extremely spacious tunnels. They decide that Baptiste will need to be thorough, at which point Chance finds a boobytrapped bomb that will blow up the building. They don't have time to disarm it, so Chance tells Emma to go get Lynch to clear the building. He, meanwhile, is going to go find "the only place with a clear line of sight and good, strong cell reception." See, because the bomb is wired to a phone.

There are snipers on nearby roofs. Emma runs up to the security detail and yells, "We need to evacuate!" Lynch appears and snaps, "No, you need to explain yourself." Yeah, no one ever just listens, do they? Someone has the sense to have the various snipers report in, but one sniper does so immediately before Baptiste snaps his neck. Oh, well. Emma and Lynch have an argument in which Lynch is exceedingly dismissive of Emma's concerns and finally places Emma under arrest. Just then! Someone shows up to verify Emma's story and Lynch agrees to clear the building.

Baptiste has been watching all this from his stolen sniper spot and takes out his phone to trigger the bomb. But just then! Chance appears and shoots the phone out of his hand! They exchange gunfire until they both run out of bullets. Then they fight! I can't see very well, but I assume there's a knife involved because it keeps making a "Shing!" noise. At street level, Emma hears that someone's still inside and rushes back into the building. The fight continues and Baptiste stabs Chance in the leg, stunning him for long enough to let him set off the explosion, then Chance throws the knife into his chest and Baptiste falls over the edge.

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Human Target




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