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Winston shows up on the roof. He has the bad news for Chance that Emma went back into the building to make sure it was clear. She doesn't appear to have made it. And Baptiste is gone! Layla has learned that Baptiste called Amtrak. Chance and Winston scatter according to the directions that Guerrero has for them. To the subway station!

Speaking of the subway station, I believe we're caught up to current time. Baptiste tells Chance that he won't run or even make a move to give Chance an excuse to kill him without it being in cold blood. Chance looks at him, steely-eyed. Baptiste has a question. "If it's true that no one deserves to die, does that always get decided by the guy who holds the gun?"

They stand. Emma (not dead!) shows up behind him and tells him the place is surrounded. Chance points his gun at Baptiste. Emma tells him this isn't him. Not anymore. Tension! Chance puts the gun down. Baptiste tells him he's lost his edge. Cops swarm in to arrest Baptiste, and Emma tells them to employ "shackles and shotguns".

Emma walks away. When she turns to ask about that date, Chance has vanished. Like Batman!

Layla cleans up Emma's place after the mess. Guerrero tells her she doesn't have to do that. She seems to have enjoyed saving all those people's lives. Guerrero tells her it's just adrenaline, and that she'll crash soon. And that nothing's ever over. Thanks, Captain Bringdown.

Baptiste gets walked out by several SWAT members. He compliments one guy's watch with a smirk. End of show!

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Human Target




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