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Chance is put in a chair as Goatee sets out three jars of screws. They might not be screws. It's not really clear, but the point is that Goatee likes weirdly theatrical gestures. Each jar will represent one lie, and when they're gone, Winston and Guerrero will die. Goatee wants something that disappeared in conjunction with Katherine Walters. Chance deadpans, "Never heard of her." Crash! One jar gone.

Bar. Chance wants to talk to a witness (Katherine Walters) about a mysterious murder on the docks. Winston says no and leaves. We see that Chance has his phone, which has a message log from Ace Collections, Gloria G. (twice), Bodies For Hire, and SFPD. The SFPD one (addressed to "DET. WINSTON") says "Katherine Walters is secure at 31st Street safehouse." So now Chance knows what street she's on, so he just has to check every building for many, many blocks?

Chance's modern-day interrogation. Goatee says that he's the person who hired Chance to kill Katherine Walters, so he knows that Chance has some idea who she is. Goatee does not answer the question "Who are you?" He wants Chance to fill in the blanks of the 48 hours before Katherine died, because he knows they were together.

Opening credits, featuring the best caption of the 2010 Television Season: "GUEST STARRING LEE MAJORS." Also Amy Acker. And Armand Assante. It's the season finale, y'all.

Chance enters a hotel room occupied by a couple of bored cops and announces himself. He's welcomed by an adorable puppy and Amy Acker. She's Katherine Walters. The dog is obviously Carmine. This, then, is the safe house.

As Chance reads a document, he surreptitiously drugs a cup of coffee. Well, you didn't think he'd do it in a big, obvious fashion, did you? Katherine offers him a freshly baked cookie, which she says is a "brown-eyed Susan". He's thrown by her friendliness. He also glances at the cops in the room, and they give him a headshake to suggest that the cookies are not of the best ilk. Katherine is open and friendly about the man she watched die. She starts to drink the drugged coffee, and Chance stops her. We learn that the mysterious dead man's last words were "Leonore Fortier".

Chance calls someone who we'll just assume is The Old Man (Armand Assante), who yells at him to kill her already.

Chance walks into Katherine's room (where she's changing -- woo woo!) and tells her she's in terrible, terrible danger. After all, he found her in less than 48 hours so even though he's decided not to kill her, she's clearly not as well hidden as the cops think. So it's time to go. He sets his pistol on the bed, and she promptly picks it up, cocks it, and points it at him. She explains her gun-toting skills thus: "I'm single and I live downtown." So why does he want to help her? "I'm tired of the part I've been told to play. I don't wanna do it anymore." That's inspiring! I wonder if I can stop writing this recap. Just walk away, man.

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Human Target




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