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Backstory Ahoy!

So they know they have to get to the docks. Incidentally, docks covered in containers are the Abandoned Warehouse of action shows.

Chance and Katherine pull up to the dock in a boat. "I've been complaining about waterside security for years. Good thing they never listened," comments Katherine. Chance doesn't want to bring Katherine on the raid on the offices. She looks him in the eye, then they kiss. The canoodling takes some time. Chance vows, "I'll get you out of this. I promise."

Chance picks a couple of locks and gets into the office. Over a walkie-talkie, Katherine walks him through logging in (KWalters/Carmine) and he checks the passenger list. There's no Fortier. Who could Fortier be? Aha! It's not "Fortier," it's container "40-A." Which is in Row 16. Baptiste listens in on the radio as Chance tells her he'll be back to the boat in about ten minutes. Chance is on the case!

Chance opens the container and walks in. It's empty. "Wild goose chase," he explains to Goatee. CRASH! Goatee doesn't buy it. Okay, fine. Chance opens the container. It's empty... except for a briefcase containing a book. He walks out and Baptiste stops him. "Two days ago I was on a beach. Madagascar."

Baptiste is furious that Chance is turning on The Old Man, and also turning on Baptiste. Chance offers apocalyptic predictions about what will happen if this book gets out: "Nations fall. Cities burn." Baptiste doesn't care. "I'll give it back if he leaves Katherine Walters alone. Forever." No dice. Baptiste draws his gun, but a truck goes between them and Chance vanishes. It's time for a chase through the stacks of containers!

Baptiste shouts about how Chance will be on his own and be cast out. They shoot at each other. Chance climbs to the top of a stack, and there's a chase up there where it's more scenic. Chance manages to tackle Baptist and they fight. The briefcase gets kicked into the water and it sinks. Baptiste is frustrated by the MacGuffin getting lost like that: "That's just wonderful. How the hell am I going to explain that?" "You'll think of something." He will indeed: he thinks of bloody revenge! Baptiste pulls out a phone and pushes a button. "Kaboom." That's Baptiste. "KABOOM!" That's the boat Katherine was on. She's dead! Although there's a chance she wasn't on the boat, if you ask me.

Suddenly! Old Chance appears and shoots Baptiste in the back! He falls. And just as suddenly! Baptiste throws a knife that sticks in Old Chance's chest! He also falls. Our Chance runs over to him. Old Chance looks at him and gravely says, "Katherine. What are you gonna do about it? Who do you wanna be?" He dies. Chance looks around to see that Baptiste has vanished.

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Human Target




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