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The Great Indoor Fight

I've decided that the usual snark-filled recap format doesn't work on this show. Plot holes are a good three-quarters of the point of a show like this. So I'm going to try Embracing the Awesome. Let's see how that goes! With any luck, this episode will have some Awesome to Embrace.

So here we go. Bam! Chance is kickboxing! Which is, of course, awesome. I've heard that it's the sport of the future, although I think Mixed Martial Arts has taken its place. At any rate, Chance and Unnamed Opponent trade blows as people in tuxedos watch from some kind of Galactic Senate setup until Chance gets hit right on the top of the head. We go to the now inevitable caption telling us how we got here.

"Four Days Earlier." I like that they're mixing it up a little. I hope they do a "five seconds earlier" one at some point. Winston and Chance go to meet someone who's "not exactly my biggest fan." Winston is worried about this guy, who once threatened to kill Chance and stuff his body in a steamer trunk. I agree with Winston that Chance shouldn't be in charge of coming up with the plans. They get to a boat, where a goon stops them. Chance cheerfully announces that he's there to see Mr. Bavilacqua.

Mr. Bevilacqua (a brusque white-haired gentleman) asks Chance if he's some kind of moron. Winston rolls his eyes and tells Chance to go ahead. Chance explains that he needs 1.8 million dollars as a loan. Bevilacqua picks up an intercom and requests a gun and a steamer trunk. Chance explains that he wants the money so he can stick it to Hugh Prentiss, the only man in the world that Bevilacqua hates even more than he hates Chance. Bevilacqua is interested. Bevilacqua's goon drags in a steamer trunk. That's service! And I don't think it's up to the goon to guess when the boss is kidding. The man says he wants a steamer trunk, you find a steamer trunk. It's all in the Goon Handbook. Anyway, Chance has a client named Eddie Dunn. Eddie's a prizefighter who refused to take a dive for Prentiss. Chance allows as how Eddie isn't that bright (Eddie, listening in on the conversation with Guerrero: "Is he saying I'm dumb?" Guerrero points out his headphones are on backwards) but that he's a good kid. So Chance's plan is to go to something called the Kristoff Fight in Brussels, which is a high-stakes gambling opportunity, and convince Prentiss to bet every dime he has against Chance, then win. Bevilacqua points out that it's invite-only, so we're going to move to Phase I of the scam.

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