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Christopher is freefalling through space. He announces via microphone to Winston that he can't see anything, but Winston tells him to relax and that he'll reach his destination in 2 minutes. Flashback to 12 hours earlier, when Christopher was getting out of the shower. Hubba. Winston is sitting in the corner of his home, and Christopher says he hates it when he lurks. He's going on a date with a woman who thinks he's funny. But, apparently not before the "snatch and grab" mission that they have to accomplish. Winston repeats that it is time-sensitive with a highly technical extraction, but Christopher cracks that he shouldn't belittle his date, for it will upset some sort of life force. Winston adds that the break-in will occur at the headquarters for Sentronics, which finally gets Christopher's attention.

Back to Christopher falling towards the earth. He thinks that this may have been a bad idea, which gets a chuckle from Winston, who then mumbles that Martin Gleason had better be worth all of this trouble. Back to Christopher's home, where Winston explains that Martin is a weapons engineer, and that Sentronics is holding him prisoner. Martin's dad got a letter of Morse code from Martin, which impresses Christopher. The letter said that he was being held against his will and that his colleague, Matt Kozinski, had been killed. Kozinski died of a "heart attack" at 38. Apparently, the police won't involve themselves in Sentronics business unless it's a matter of national security. Christopher says it's sad that a kid got sucked into this situation through no fault of his own, then he notices Winston looking at him. Christopher responds that this isn't about him, it's about Martin.

Back to the skydive. Winston says that he has a minute and 40 seconds, which is funny because the clock read a minute and 30 seconds in the scene before. Jumping all over the place here. Guerrero suddenly arrives at the van where Winston is camped. He has a photo of the roof of the Sentronics building. It's different from the one that Winston has. There's a problem.

And, it's back to Christopher's well-appointed apartment. Winston tells him that security at the Sentronics building is tight. He looked in the lobby himself -- tons of cameras and guards. Similar to their gig in Jakarta, Winston thinks they should access the roof. Back to the skydive and it appears that Winston has just learned that there is a camera on the roof, when previously he thought that they didn't. Christopher calmly asks where the blind spot (Sandy Bullock for Oscar gold!) is and how much room he will have. He'll have 2 feet at the northeast corner of the building.

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Human Target




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