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The Unsinkable Train

Okay! So now some guy with no name is giving a speech to a bunch of people we have no reason to care about. Well, his name's probably "MacNamara," since his father started the company, but he's still not interesting. Then some guy in a beard (I'm going to call him "Beardy"!) tells Tony about working for "her". Apparently everyone hates her. I assume it's because she doesn't have a name. Her husband does get named "James," which is a step in the right direction. Tony and the client chat about how much the train cost (eighty billion dollars, of which sixty-two billion came out of taxes) while Tony eyes people and tries to decide who the killer is. He calls Winston to tell him that she's got a lot of enemies and also that he swiped her phone so they can check her call records. Then Tony insists that Guerrero be brought in on this job. So now I've got a handful of characters with no names and a name with no character. Nice. Winston doesn't want to bring "that animal" in here, but Tony says that he's great at this sort of thing.

Two goons enter a place and sit down across from Jackie Earle Haley, who I will just tell you right now is Guerrero. He's been digging into a bank's records, and they attempt to intimidate him. He's twitchy and bespectacled, and they are not awed by his warning that he'll fight back if it gets violent. Then he clarifies: "I'll take the beating, because that's all you two amateurs are cleared to do. Then one night soon, I'm gonna break into your houses and kill each of you in your sleep. I'll probably start with you, Alfredo. That way Stephen here can have a few extra days with Marla and the girls. It's only fair." The goons are understandably worried by the way Guerrero knows their names, and he explains that their employer's records are nearly secure enough. They leave, and Guerrero's phone rings.

On the train, Tony gets the call from Winston to report that Guerrero is in, and that there are incoming calls from a Times Reporter named Mark Hoffer. The woman has just noticed that Tony stolen her phone. Before the Mark Hoffer thing can get resolved, Tony is on High Alert because someone's approaching. But it's a guy named Bill Arnold, who has been saying things about the project. You know. Things. As he talks, a new drink gets put in front of the woman. But it's in a tall glass, and her previous drink was a short one. Tony stops her from drinking and walks her away from the table while Bill Arnold complains about the rudeness. Then he shrugs and drinks from her glass. Tony just leaves glasses of poison sitting around for anyone who isn't his client to drink? That doesn't seem all that professional to me.

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Human Target




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