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The Unsinkable Train

Later that night, Chance watches James get taken away by the cops. Beardy, who has been consoling Stephanie, leaves them alone. Stephanie moans about how she deserved all this and says that she lied to Chance. Chance says that everyone does that and that it's not a reason to die. She says she doesn't know what she owes him, and he takes her flashy ring. Then he leaves to sad, tinkly music. She asks his real name, and he turns and says "Christopher Chance". She asks if that's true, and he just smiles and leaves.

Winston's office. Guerrero receives an envelope full of cash and leaves. Winston tells Chance that Guerrero's services will no longer be required, but Chance is sure he'll be back. Winston is worried that Chance is hoping to die, and that's why he keeps putting himself in dangerous situations.

"ONE MONTH LATER," Chance is driving Danny Glover around, when they're stopped by thugs. Chance takes a swig of the expensive whiskey from before and pontificates about how you've got to live in the now. He adds that it burns like jet fuel. Danny Glover asserts that Chance is crazy, as Chance uses the car's cigarette lighter to light a $900 Molotov cocktail. Slow-motion flames!

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Human Target




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