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Tunnels and Trolls

We start out with a nice, clear expositional voiceover by Winston. So I can tell you straight up that the client is John Gray, who used to be the inside man for a team of ruthless thieves led by Sam Fisher. Gray would case the joint and then Fisher and his crew would roar in, kill everyone, and steal whatever they were there to get. However, Gray has had a change of heart since he met a woman named Emily. So at this one job, he called the cops, who jumped out and engaged in a shootout with the bad guys. Then the bad guys promptly escaped from a maximum security, er, bus. So the point is that they're coming after Gray. Emily has come to The Firm (as I have decided to call it) to ask for help. Oh, and it's "Case #0386". That about covers the voiceover section.

Emily explains the situation to Winston in a meeting room I don't think we've ever seen. He's skeptical, but she insists that John's a good man. And he's hiding in a remote monastery in Quebec for some reason. Suddenly, Winston is explaining the plan to Chance, who is even more skeptical than Winston was. Chance thinks Winston doesn't usually like this sort of job, although I don't know what makes this job any different from all the other ones. Winston explains that he likes trying to protect someone who's trying to put the past behind him. Cue significant look. Chi McBride does good significant looks.

Let's go on location! The monastery is accessible only by cable car. Winston waits at the base of the mountain in a surveillance van as Chance (dudded up like a monk) walks up the front steps. The Abbott greets him as "Brother Mitchell".

Winston's voiceover continues as Chance strolls into the church and starts bothering a monk at prayer. Winston is worried about Chance's ability to pretend to be a monk, which seems to be borne out by the way Chance won't shut up while this guy is trying to pray. But in the next shot, Chance has gathered everyone into the church, and they all look dubiously at him. John's not there, apparently. Winston searches up some sermons, but Chance wings it. His theme is that of a lost soul seeking redemption. Psalm 34:4-6. Winston is impressed with Chance's unknown depths. I'm impressed by the way none of the monks noticed Chance talking on his invisible headset while they were all staring right at him.

Fisher drives through the woods just outside the Vancouver studio. Er, I mean, "the woods of Quebec". He's stopped by a cop, who eyeballs them and is then shot dead. Fisher has the men hide the body and steal his uniform and car. Next time you think about embarking on the glamorous life of a criminal, consider the guy whose job it is to strip the dead cop and then put on his clothes.

Chance finds the Abbott and asks where he could find Gray. John's in the library talking about comic books. He's blathering about Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is a nod to this show's DC roots. Also it lets him compare the death and resurrection of the Flash to that of Jesus. But it's mostly the DC reference. The monk talking to Gray seems to buy this as a legitimate theological discussion. Chance walks up to talk to Gray.

Guerrero is under a bridge, which makes sense because he's kind of troll-like. A well-dressed gentleman gets out of a black car and exchanges vague talk about some sort of deal. Guerrero will get him some "materials". Guerrero talks threateningly about not trusting people who don't blink at his fee. He wants to know who he's working for, but the client won't tell him until the deal's complete. Incidentally, Guerrero is able to do whatever this is because Chance and Winston are out of town.

Chance tells Gray that Fisher is out of prison and that he's in terrible, terrible danger. When Gray learns that Fisher is coming after him, he refuses to go, because "it's complicated". That's no kind of answer! The Abbott walks up and asks how it's complicated.

Winston sees that the gondola is going up the mountain, but his headset is experiencing interference so he can't alert Chance. See, it always seems like a good idea to use magic invisible equipment until it breaks.

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Human Target




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