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Tunnels and Trolls

Fisher and his goons are at the top of the mountain. Probably. They're somewhere, anyway. Fisher tells the goons that the main goal is "the object", followed by John. I always love vague plans like "get the object". People on shows like this talk in extremely vague terms to keep the audience guessing. Or snoozing. Anyway, Gray wants to get the object before taking Fisher down.

Back in the library, Gray explains to the Abbott that his target was the notes of the Council of Nicaea. Or "The Nicaean Annals". It was last seen in the hands of "an Allied Chaplain in Belgium", and that Chaplain was the previous Abbott at this monastery. Oh really. And it's at this monastery here. The Abbott knew Gray had a past, but he's into giving people second chances. Just like Winston. Gray was planning to find the book, steal it, and sell it. And Fisher knows about it. Chance suggests they just give Fisher the book, but Gray hasn't found it. Down at the bottom of the mountain, Winston spies on one of Fisher's men. He finally gets a connection and tells Chance the gondola is up there, and there's a good chance the goons will be attacking soon. Just then! A gun-toting goon busts into the room. Chance takes his gun, and they fight. Gray tries to help, but he just ends up hitting Chance with a yardstick. The goon has a knife, but Chance grabs a censer. Censer-fu! He's using Gogo's moves from Kill Bill. If "Gogo" is who I'm thinking of. Anyway, Chance wins via clothesline and the bad guy is out.

Winston calls Guerrero, who informs him he has another job and that anyway, his life does not revolve around Winston. Winston needs a chopper pilot that Guerrero knows, but Guerrero says that they had a falling out and the only way he could apologize is if he had "a time machine or a hell of a Ouija board". Say, did you get that joke about how the chopper pilot had a "falling out"? Zing! Anyway, Guerrero hangs up on Winston and finishes picking a lock. Winston is vexed. Guerrero appears to be in the Firm's offices. And the offices look different from the first three episodes, I think.

On the mountain, goons unzip duffel bags full of C4. Chance also has one from the one he knocked out. It's "enough to level this place." Chance has to save the monks (the other monks are all being held hostage, which Chance somehow knows already) before the whole place blows up. Gray says that he knows that the Annals are in the crypts in the foundations of the monastery. The Abbott explains that the crypt is connected to the church by a series of tunnels built during prohibition. So that means the tunnels were built during the time there was prohibition in Quebec. In other words, between May 1, 1919 and May 1, 1921. But there's only one entrance inside the Abbey itself. It's just behind "where Fisher is holding the monks hostage". In other words, that church from earlier. John worries about moving the slab without being heard, since these places have pretty good acoustics. But the Abbott has a plan and scurries off to create a diversion.

A goon complains that it could take "hours" to search this place. So? You have a completely defensible mountaintop hideaway! Take the time to do it right! But I guess goons are generally impatient people. This is why Gray was a valuable member of the team; he found the stuff they were looking for. Fisher considers beating up some monks, and just then the bells start ringing. Goons go in search of whoever's doing that. Chance and Grey sneak into the room, move the slab and sneak down a ladder, but not before being seen by the monk who was learning all about the Flash earlier. The Abbott gets stopped by a gun-toting goon. Chance lights a torch.

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Human Target




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