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Tunnels and Trolls

Back at headquarters, Guerrero is rifling through files and ignores a call from Winston. The files he's looking through don't go far enough back, since they start at #002. Guerrero's next call is from "Unknown Number", which is his mysterious customer asking about "the material". Guerrero blows him off, then goes into another room where a cool old safe waits.

Tunnels. Torches. A giant rat. Well, a normal-sized rat very close to the camera. We learn that Gray had been exchanging letters with Emily, who made him feel like one of the good guys. "Happens to the best of us," comments Chance. They worry about being lost, but Chance has found a door.

Winston strolls up to the gondola station with an empty gas can. The goon disguised as a cop calls him "Pops" and is no help. Winston punches him out. These are pretty fragile goons.

In the dusty archives inside the crypts, Grey asks who made Chance feel like "one of the good guys". They rummage through the stuff, which is allegedly in a magic box that can't be opened without the Pope's ring. And the rings are always destroyed when the Pope dies, and if the box is opened without the ring, the priceless scroll within will be destroyed. None of this matters.

The goons rough up the Abbott, who tells them nothing. Then the guy who saw them enter the trap door tells them to stop because he knows where Gray went. The Abbott despairs.

Chance goes through stuff in the archives and randomly stumbles on the box. That was easy! He reports success to Winston, who's in the gondola. His plan is to send the box and Gray out and then fix everything himself. But Winston doesn't have the chopper he promised. So Chance makes him call Guerrero again. Guerrero is busy reading file #001 and ignores Winston's call. He takes pictures of each page of the file and steals a microcassette. It's Winston talking about how he just finished his first case with his new colleague, Christopher Chance, "this case was damn ugly" and "her name was Katherine".

In the tunnels, Chance tells Gray to get out. Gray wants to face Fisher, but Chance doesn't want to allow that because he's supposed to be guarding his body. Chance doesn't approve of other people trying to be heroes. Fisher and his goons show up to settle the argument and take the box. Gray tells him that he needs Pope Clement's ring, and only he, Gray, knows where it is. Gray claims the ring is in a safety deposit box at the bottom of the mountain and he'll take him there if he lets the monks go. You'd think Chance would be annoyed at Gray claiming a minute ago that he doesn't have the ring, but it doesn't come up.

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Human Target




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